2018 Week 29: SOUL SPEAK


Week 29’s Task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to SOUL SPEAK!

No explanation need for that one, right??

It’s actually quite fun, easy, and you probably do it without knowing it.

This week I want you to plan 15 minutes to let your SOUL SPEAK!!

What in the world does that mean?!!

I was trained as a Music Therapist and understand the power of music, but it wasn’t till recently at church that I heard the best explanation of what makes MUSIC so powerful.

Our pastor said,

“Music is the only thing that breaks through to our soul without permission…Music is a spiritual thing…the right words and the right music connects us to our souls, to our spiritual being.”

I’d dare say that every one of us has connected to this unique aspect of music…

  • a song that takes us back in time,
  • how our mood can change by listening to music,
  • how music can motivate us to move, stay on task, get a job done,
  • how it can help us focus or study,
  • how it can help us relax or fall asleep,
  • how it can say what we can’t seem to find all the words for,
  • how we can relate to a feeling or story it imparts,
  • how it can heal by helping us move through hard emotions.

Where there are Doctors who heal the flesh and psychologists who heal the mind, musicians acts as the healers of the soul. —Michael Gregory II

Our souls need to talk and express themselves for us to be Lighter and More Loving, and one of the best ways is through music.

images (8)images (5)

You don’t have to be a musician to do this.  You don’t have to make music this week.

This week make 15 minutes in your schedule to “soak” in some music, what ever kind you choose. Do nothing else but sit and listen (or feel free to move and sing). Be aware of what happens to your body, your emotions, and in your mind as you listen.

This might be one of the things you add to your 100 ways to love your self list from Week 28.

Cheering You on to a Whole Soul Spoken Heart,



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