About Services

Individual Sessions: 30 minutes or 1 hour, client sets the agenda; $50/30-min session or $85/1-hour session. In-person sessions can be arranged, though phone sessions are more common and convenient.

3 Day One to One Intensive: Immerse yourself in self care and an instense coaching experience to achieve bigger break throughs and life shifts. This takes place in the beautiful mountains of Western Carolina with the option of a 2-3 night stay. Your Intensive time is filled with activities and sessions geared towards you and what you need. Contact Barbara for more details and cost.

WHOOP Classes & Groups: 1-2 hours, See WHOOP Classes and Group Page for more information and fees (6 members maximum, for optimum learning and sharing.)

Workshops & Retreats: time depends on your group or organization’s needs; these would take place at the group or organization site; Fees to be arranged per event and need.

Barbara’s Specialties:

Life Coaching—create a whole-hearted life that is healthy, distinct, and significant to you!   Barbara understands and can help with:

  • Life after divorce–what comes next, reclaiming and remaking your life
  • Empty nest issues—what now, what are my new roles
  • Creating a meaningful 2nd half of life
  • Creating a healthy body and lifestyle
  • Discovering your own passions, purpose and values
  • Dealing with the emotional difficulty of major life transitions

Small Business & Entrepreneur Coaching—build a whole-hearted profitable, doable business you’ll love!
Barbara understands and can help with:

  • Maximizing results in minimal time
  • Time management and calendar planning
  • Strategizing to achieve your career/business goals
  • Overcoming personal challenges to reach your goals
  • Staying balanced with business dreams and family values
  • Needing support, a cheerleader, and a brainstorming partner in a business that is a solo endeavor

Life Coaching for the Spirit-Minded—discover the whole-hearted, God-purposed life you were created for!
Barbara understands and can help with:

  • Discovering and remembering who you are in God
  • Distinguishing what your heart is telling you from what the world is telling you
  • How to hear and recognize the Holy Spirit and God’s will for your life
  • How to embrace the love of God for yourself and others
  • How to trust God in order to walk in courage, faith and peace