Checking in on Week 29‘s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

Your task was to let your SOUL SPEAK for 15 minutes!


Our souls need to talk and express themselves for us to be Lighter and More Loving, and one of the best ways is through music.

This week make 15 minutes in your schedule to “soak” in some music, what ever kind you choose. Do nothing else but sit and listen (or feel free to move and sing). Be aware of what happens to your body, your emotions, and in your mind as you listen.

Have you had a chance to do this yet?


I can’t say enough about the influence music can have on our being…good and not so good.   I hope you ‘SOAK” in music that is “good” for your soul.

Is there music that is not good for our souls?

YES…and it depends on a few factors:

  • your mood can be heightened or changed depending on your type of music;
  • your bad habits that can be triggered by song lyrics or the type of music you listen to;
  • what you’d like to accomplish while listening or soaking in the music; do you want to relax or be motivated?
  • the message/lyrics of the music your listening to can have a positive message or a negative one on your psyche;
  • the general emotion the music is emanating will affect your mood;
  • the structure or rhythmic nature of the music can promote peace and organization or chaos and anxiety.

There is plenty of research on how music helps and hinders in regards to the above.

What music we like BEST may tell us something about how we are being especially since it reaches into our souls.

While you are SOUL SPEAKING for 15 minutes take note of what music you choose, how it is making you feel, and what thoughts arise as you listen.

Is it leading you to a lighter more loving you or to a lower mood, triggering negative behaviours, or less peace?

What is “good for your soul” is subjective.  What is good for mine, may not be for yours. Yet, it is good to take stock of things that can affect our being–like the music we choose to listen to.

Feel free to share a piece of music that you find good for your soul.

Cheering You on to a Whole GOOD FOR YOU MUSIC SOAKED Heart,

Here a couple of my favorite soaking songs:





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