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Barbara Banks, MA
Barbara Banks, MA


Founder of http://www.WholeHeartLife.com

Barbara Banks is originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, and has since lived in New York City, Atlanta, and Jacksonville.  She now lives in a cozy home nestled in the wooded mountains of western North Carolina, along with her energetic border collie, Allie.  Her college going daughter lives in Boulder, Colorado, where Barbara likes to visit and hike “the other” beautiful mountains.

Barbara graduated from college with a BA in Music Therapy and later received an MA in Clinical Counseling.  The main focuses of her clinical experience were adult addiction recovery and adolescent treatment of sexual abuse, eating disorders, and emotional disorders. After working in that field for 15 years and then having her daughter, Barbara became a consultant for a direct selling company, Creative Memories.  This allowed her to spend more time being a mom, and still add income to her family’s finances.  During her 16 years as a direct sales consultant, Barbara was nationally recognized numerous times for personal sales, recruiting, leader development, and team sales and recruiting. In 2002 she received nomination as Small Business Leader of the Year in Jacksonville, Florida. After hiring a Business Coach for her home based-business, Barbara realized the importance of having extra support, a brainstorming partner, and a personal cheerleader for her actions and goals.  Thirteen years later, she is still working with this same coach focusing more on life instead of business.  Her coach has helped Barbara through numerous challenging transitions such as divorcing after 20 years of marriage, adjusting to her daughter leaving for college, moving and creating a new life, turning 50, dating, and starting a new career.

Spirituality has also played a major part in Barbara’s life.  She has gained wisdom from Bible teachings and studies, as well as from her own exploration of faith-filled disciplines like meditation, contemplative prayer, healing prayer, and journaling.