CHECK IN for Week Two: The List of 10


Checking in for Week Two:  List of 10.

How is your list going?


My sweet young yoga teacher said in class the other day that when she tells herself, “I have to” or “I should do,” she realizes she is giving her power away to that thing, task, thought.

Your list is not a list of “have to’s” and “should’s.”

These are INTENTIONS for the year…a heart directed desire for the year.   Intentions are gentler and more power giving. It is YOUR CHOICE, YOUR DESIRE.   They are not “have to’s” or “should’s.”

There is a completely different energy with INTENTIONS.

Looking in the dictionary and thesaurus, here are some words that go with intention:

  • mental purpose or attitude
  • meaning or significance
  • aim
  • direction
  • desire
  • decided
  • “really into”
  • where one is headed

I love all those words….purpose, attitude, meaning.  The last two are really fun!

  • Where am I headed this year?  The List of 10 helps can help guide you in decision of all kinds from what you eat, how you spend your money, where you spend your time, what books your read, conversations you have, etc.
  • What am I “really into” this year?  What would you like to be really into this year? This year you really get to be into something!  It’s your choice!  To me, that brings excitement!   You are allowed to be into something!  Anything!  You get to choose! Again, there is a different kind of feeling around choosing something you really want to be into.

Have fun with your list!  Keep it somewhere you can see it every now and then…or everyday!

Cheering you on to a Whole Really Into Something Heart,




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