2018 Week 45: Hall Pass

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Week 45’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is Hall Pass.

I wonder if schools still use Hall Pass’s…the PERMISSION SLIP one needed from a teacher to go to the bathroom, library, nurse, office or some other place in school.   They signified that one had permission to be wondering the halls during class time.

This week your task is to give your self a HALL PASS…or two!

The holiday season is upon us.  There is a certain frenetic energy that happens between now and New Year’s Day.  Even if one has worked hard at simplifying things, including the holidays, there still seems to be an energy that puts us in GO MODE and STRESS whether due to things to do, places to go, or family dynamics.

Many years ago, when I got married, someone told me to make sure I relaxed and enjoyed the day, to not worry about logistics and things like that.  If I didn’t get “present” and totally into the day, it would pass by with great speed and little enjoyment.

That was such great advice and this can be carried right over into this time of year.

What can you give yourself PERMISSION TO DO, your HALL PASS, through this holiday season to be sure you go through it relaxed and present?


  • quiet times
  • early bed times
  • not having to have everything perfect
  • gift shopping on-line
  • delegate tasks
  • say no to some holiday event invitations
  • soak in a tub with candles
  • enjoy your events without worrying if others are enjoying it
  • remember to be grateful
  • limit the amount of money spent on gifts
  • skip sending Christmas cards
  • take a walk

Take time this week to WRITE OUT your HALL PASS(ES) and give yourself PERMISSION to follow them through.

My HALL PASS is that I will not write CHECK IN’s for these last 5 tasks.

Share some of your HALL PASSES in the comments and inspire others.

Cheering You on to a Whole Relaxed and Present Hall Pass Heart,





CHECK IN for Week 34: Be the Early Bird


Checking in on Week 34‘s task of BE THE EARLY BIRD… to get in your night clothes and be in bed before the sun sets.

What is the point of this in regards to a Lighter More Loving You?


  • more sleep,
  • relaxation time,
  • changing up a routine,
  • trying something new,
  • becoming more aware of our patterns/routines,
  • becoming more aware of nature and the cycle of the sun,
  • the luxury of getting in pajamas and bed before the norm of the sun setting or of a go-go-go life.

This is the smallest of tasks but can have a big impact because all of the above can have an impact on our ability to be…

  • calmer,
  • less stressed,
  • embrace change,
  • be open-minded,
  • respond instead of react,
  • be fun,
  • and take care of our self.

GIVING YOUR SELF PERMISSION to do this, or other “out of your norm” tasks, is a key point.

What might be OUT OF YOUR NORM?

  • speaking up more or speaking less,
  • saying YES or saying NO to something you don’t really want to do or have time for,
  • being scared when you are scared (or any other emotion one might try to hide or avoid/fight through),
  • being spontaneous or incorporating a plan,
  • leaving dirty dishes in the sink or not leaving dirty dishes in the sink,
  • and on and on.

It’s good to ALLOW our self to do something different, to be different….to be our SELF.

What did you learn from BEING AN EARLY BIRD?  Feel free to share in the comments.

Cheering You on to a Whole Permission to BE Out of the Norm Heart,














CHECK IN Week 28: One Hundred

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Checking in on Week 28’s task of listing 100 Ways to Love Your Self.

How is it going?   Have you started?

Does it seem overwhelming, a waste of time, too selfish or self involved?

As with Week 27‘s task of listing all the ways you love you, this is not an exercise to “list all the ways to boost your ego”!   It is a relationship building list!

How you can show you that you love and care about your self.  

And, again, how  you love you will be how you love others.

Are there things that you often wish your spouse, friend, someone would do for you to show you love?

Add those to your list and do them for your self.


The American Institute of Stress says,

You need physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy to be your best you. Self-care renews these energies and provides the fuel for effective, resilient leadership; energized, wise parenting; and meaningful, adult relationships.

(From 6 Subtle Signs You Are Overdue for Self Care: Self-care is not a luxury!)

Self Love is really SELF CARE!

Make your list and then enjoy the love and care as you do them for your self.

Cheering You on to a Whole Self Care Heart,




2018 Week 25: Fika Break

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Week 25’s Task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to take a FIKA!!

Fika is Swedish for Coffee Break!

But it is more than just drinking coffee….

Fika can happen any time of day and is typically observed several times throughout the day, often with something sweet on the side. These breaks are seen as important social events used to help keep up moral and boost group spirit, so companies prioritize coffee and ensure their employees have time to drink it.

Sometimes I think out country has it all wrong….work, work, work…or do, do, do!  Most of the time we are grabbing coffee TO GO!  We can place drink order via the phone and barely say hello as we wiz through the drive thru to pick it up.

There are PERKS to BREAKS!

There are a number of studies to support the idea that taking regular breaks boosts workplace culture and productivity. Breaks can help:

  • Keep people focused: A 2011 study in the journal Cognition found that brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to concentrate.
  • Relieve stress: A study in Symbolic Reaction found that having coffee breaks with coworkers helped a group of Denmark employees cope after a large-scale merger.
  • Boost productivity: MIT studied call center workers at Bank of America. After one month, researchers found that workers who talked more to co-workers got through calls faster and felt less stressed. Bank of America changed coffee breaks to allow for more interactions, and within a few months reported productivity gains of about $15 million a year.
  • Recharge your energy: The Energy Project, a New York City-based productivity consulting firm, found that without any downtime, people are less efficient, make more mistakes, and are less engaged in what they’re doing.

This week TAKE A FIKA!   


images (4)It could be an actual FIKA Coffee Break….with pastry and all!    

Fika Rules:

  • Get Comfortable
  • Eat Treats
  • Never Fika Alone
  • Be Social
  • Slow Down
  • Turn Off Electronic Devices

Maybe you need a break from….

  • TV/Phone
  • Your daytimer
  • Cooking/Cleaning
  • Shaving
  • Being Perfect
  • Not eating pastries
  • Having everything done before you Fika
  • Doing the 50 Task to a Lighter More Loving You!

Whatever it is, give yourself permission to TAKE A BREAK, to stop DOING, to just BE.

Go Relax, Go be social. Go get comfy. Go drink coffee. Go eat a pastry.

If you ever wondered why it is 50 WEEKS instead of 52 WEEKS to a Lighter More Loving You, it is that I knew you and I would need a break…a FIKA!

I’ll be back in July!

Cheering You on to a Whole Fika Heart,