2018 Week 37: Shop Lift

imagesWeek 37’s Task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to Shop Lift.

By now you realize I’m not actually asking you to SHOPLIFT…to steal something from a store!

This week’s task is to LIFT your awareness of how you SHOP.

Simplifying and minimalism is a very popular and has been for many years now.  One of the tenets that surround this way of life, is consumerism.

Everyday we are bombarded with advertisements and information about things we SUPPOSEDLY need, will make our life better, will make us happy, and on and on.

Because of this, we start to believe we need so much and surround our self with things.  We spend our money, often, with little forethought.

To live a simpler, less stressed, and happier life, put in simple terms, one needs to get rid of stuff and stop buying more stuff.

I have been simplifying my life for several years now….from how I eat, to what clothes I buy, to how I do tasks…and, I will say, my life is more peaceful and happier.

I did have to LIFT my awareness of how I SHOP. I continue to practice this task many times throughout the year.

The task is to NOT BUY ANYTHING FOR A WEEK.   


Nothing other than food, and even then, aside from purchasing some fresh veggies and fruit, you might find you can live on what is in your freezer and pantry for a week .

If you find you still NEED an item after a week, by all means, purchase it…next week.

Try this for a week and notice what you experience, feel, and learn about your shopping habits.

Get your family on board and discussed what you learned from not purchasing something, wanting something and not getting it, waiting before you purchased something.

Cheering You on to a Whole Shop Lifted Heart,