2018 Week 45: Hall Pass

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Week 45’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is Hall Pass.

I wonder if schools still use Hall Pass’s…the PERMISSION SLIP one needed from a teacher to go to the bathroom, library, nurse, office or some other place in school.   They signified that one had permission to be wondering the halls during class time.

This week your task is to give your self a HALL PASS…or two!

The holiday season is upon us.  There is a certain frenetic energy that happens between now and New Year’s Day.  Even if one has worked hard at simplifying things, including the holidays, there still seems to be an energy that puts us in GO MODE and STRESS whether due to things to do, places to go, or family dynamics.

Many years ago, when I got married, someone told me to make sure I relaxed and enjoyed the day, to not worry about logistics and things like that.  If I didn’t get “present” and totally into the day, it would pass by with great speed and little enjoyment.

That was such great advice and this can be carried right over into this time of year.

What can you give yourself PERMISSION TO DO, your HALL PASS, through this holiday season to be sure you go through it relaxed and present?


  • quiet times
  • early bed times
  • not having to have everything perfect
  • gift shopping on-line
  • delegate tasks
  • say no to some holiday event invitations
  • soak in a tub with candles
  • enjoy your events without worrying if others are enjoying it
  • remember to be grateful
  • limit the amount of money spent on gifts
  • skip sending Christmas cards
  • take a walk

Take time this week to WRITE OUT your HALL PASS(ES) and give yourself PERMISSION to follow them through.

My HALL PASS is that I will not write CHECK IN’s for these last 5 tasks.

Share some of your HALL PASSES in the comments and inspire others.

Cheering You on to a Whole Relaxed and Present Hall Pass Heart,





CHECK IN Week 28: One Hundred

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Checking in on Week 28’s task of listing 100 Ways to Love Your Self.

How is it going?   Have you started?

Does it seem overwhelming, a waste of time, too selfish or self involved?

As with Week 27‘s task of listing all the ways you love you, this is not an exercise to “list all the ways to boost your ego”!   It is a relationship building list!

How you can show you that you love and care about your self.  

And, again, how  you love you will be how you love others.

Are there things that you often wish your spouse, friend, someone would do for you to show you love?

Add those to your list and do them for your self.


The American Institute of Stress says,

You need physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy to be your best you. Self-care renews these energies and provides the fuel for effective, resilient leadership; energized, wise parenting; and meaningful, adult relationships.

(From 6 Subtle Signs You Are Overdue for Self Care: Self-care is not a luxury!)

Self Love is really SELF CARE!

Make your list and then enjoy the love and care as you do them for your self.

Cheering You on to a Whole Self Care Heart,




CHECK IN for Week 18: Put On the Put Off

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Week 18‘s task was to PUT ON THE PUT OFF!

More clearly, to PUT ON your calendar that APPOINTMENT that you’ve been PUTTING OFF!

It could have been a doctor or dentist appointment, some test you needed, a car or house maintenance appointment, or even that needed massage or manicure.

How’d that go?  Have you done it yet?

If you did it, were you aware of how it felt after you did it?

I know life gets busy and things can get PUT OFF and PUT OFF!

How does PUTTING ON the PUT OFF appointment help you be a Lighter More Loving You?

  1. SELF CARE is so important.  If you keep putting off what is caring for yourself the lack of “care” will start showing up in other areas of your life and in your relationships!   Self care promotes better other care.
  2. TRUSTING YOUR SELF…do you?  The little things, like making self-care appointments, builds trust for your self.   If you don’t trust yourself it will affect your decisions, your courage, your confidence, your self-esteem.
  3. REDUCING STRESS is aided by doing those things you PUT OFF!  Even if you are not totally aware of the stress, it is there nagging at your peace of mind.

When ever you start to feel stressed or low about yourself, check to see if something needs an appointment or if there is something you’ve been PUTTING OFF.

Cheering You on to a Whole TRUSTING YOUR SELF Heart,



2018 Week 18: Put On the Put Off

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Week 18’s task for 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to PUT ON THE PUT OFF!

More clearly, to PUT ON your calendar that APPOINTMENT that you’ve been PUTTING OFF!

I do believe that most of us dread a few things…

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Tax Accountants
  • Tests…of any kind!

Sometimes we even put off things like…

  • pest control,
  • tree trimmers,
  • car maintenance,
  • that needed massage or manicure.

What have you been PUTTING OFF scheduling?

This week is the week to pick  up the phone and make that appointment.

Leave in the comments that you PUT IT ON, and I’ll send you a big cheer!

Encouraging you to a Whole PUT IT ON Heart,