2018 Week 49: Dear John

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Week 49’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is DEAR JOHN.

Dear John letter was a type of letter written by an individual wishing to terminate a relationship.

The relationship we are “terminating” is with this past year.

You may be reading this while you are still living 2018!  That is okay.  You can still do this now OR wait till New Year’s Day.

You will find this helpful to start 2019 with a sense of closure, peace, and renewed focused.

Take some time this week (or on New Year’s Day) in your HaMakom, with your journal, to answer the following questions.

Saying Good Bye and Honoring the Past Year

Answer the following to help let go of the past year.  Write what comes to mind first.  Try not to over think or spend more than a couple minutes on each question.

  • List Events from this past year:
  • What lessons did you learn in the past year?
  • What are you most proud of yourself for from this past year?
  • What are you most grateful for from the past year?
  • What are you glad you are leaving behind?
  • What 3 words describe last year?
  • What would you title last year if it was a book or movie?

FINALLY, write a short and sweet Good Bye note to this past year.

Dear 2018,  


There are several things I do on New Year’s Day to start the year.  This is one of them.

Whether 2018 has been a trying year or a good year, there is something powerful about reviewing it and letting it go.

Feel free to share the title of your year in the comments.

Cheering You on to a Whole Honored and Farewelled 2018 Heart,




CHECK IN Week 44: I Like Your _____

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Checking in on Week 44‘s task of “I Like Your _____.”

This week’s task is to GIVE something to the next person who gives you a compliment…someone who says, “I like your _______.”

Here is the real challenge, give that person the actual thing they compliment you about.

Do this for just ONE, the NEXT, person who gives you a compliment about something you have on.

If someone compliments you on your scarf, give them your scarf.

(Of course, be reasonable.  I’m not sure you want to give someone your dress or pants unless you have another handy to put on.)

How is it going?

How do you feel about this task in general?

What feelings pop up just thinking about doing this task?

Does it have to do with actually giving something away, the interaction, the whole idea?

Are you wearing things that you know you could give up if someone complimented you on it?

How likely are you to do this task?

If this task seems hard to you, what would make it easier?

I sure wish we were in a room with a group of us to have a discussion about this.  I think it would be interesting.

My guess is that many of us have more than enough things, so giving something away wouldn’t be hard.

I’m also thinking that many of us have big hearts, so giving wouldn’t be an issue.

Maybe it would be how the other would respond to you giving them something right on the spot.  Or maybe there is concern over what you’d have to give away, especially if it  was a gift, had sentimental value, cost a good deal, or took you a long time to find.

This task is really more about self-awareness in regards to your possessions.

Do you feel attached to your items and find it difficult to let go?

That isn’t unusual.  We can get attached to things.  We can also get attached to people, the past, poor habits, unhelpful thought patterns, and the like.

An unusual phenomenon is, as you start to let go of possessions, you will be able to let go in other areas of your life as well.

A giving, less attached, more letting go heart is important in being a Lighter More Loving You.

Here is an interesting article by Leo Babauta, if you’d like to grow your awareness around you and your possessions:  How to Let Go of Any Possession

Cheering You on to a Whole Letting Go Heart,



CHECK IN for Week 17: Go With the COWLICK!

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Checking in for Week 17‘s task, which was to GO WITH THE COWLICK…the thing you can not change or is resisting change.

The thing that JUST IS!

To let yourself off the hook of straightening it out or of fighting for it to be some other way…especially if it something you can not change…like having a COWLICK!

I was told many years ago

the minute I stop fighting what is, things will change!

That was so true in many areas of my life!

  • what weight I was
  • what level I was in my business
  • wishing I was not divorced
  • not wanting to live where I was
  • certain aspects of my body that just are
  • relationships I was in
  • the cowlicks that I have!

When I ACCEPTED HOW THINGS WERE, things began to change.

Things like…

  • my weight
  • living situation
  • relationships…with others and myself.

The biggest change was in my MIND and HAPPINESS LEVEL!

There was so much more peace, kindness, and gentleness.

Anytime I catch myself fighting or even wishing something was different, I remember my COWLICKS!   I see them everyday!

The COWLICKS are there. 

That is just how it is.

Go with them.

Love them!

What are your COWLICKS?

Cheering You On to a Whole PEACEFUL COWLICK Heart,




2018 Week 17: Go With The Cowlick!

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The 17th task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to GO WITH THE COWLICK!!!

cow·lick:   a lock of hair that grows in a direction different from the rest and that resists being combed flat.

I have a cowlick!  To be accurate, I have three!


I’m sure if I had grown out my bangs, which I never have, I wouldn’t have spent as much time and energy trying to get them to lie flat or make my bangs stay together! On rare occasions, with much hairspray, I can get my bangs to look like straight, full bangs for about 30 minutes!

The thing is…I will ALWAYS have the cowlicks!

Eventually, after many a year, I gave up and just WENT WITH THE COWLICKS!!

IMG_4428A much happier me GOING WITH MY COWLICKS!

What in your life goes in a different direction than what you’d like?

What will you ALWAYS have, but are trying to FIX?

Is it something with your…

  • Body?
  • Work or Career?
  • Child?
  • Spouse?
  • Home?
  • Life?

Where are you spending a lot of time with very little or no change?

This week GO WITH THE COWLICK…the thing you can not change or is resisting change. The thing that JUST IS!

Let yourself off the hook of straightening it out, of battling it, of fighting for it to be exactly the way you want.

Does that mean you totally give up?  Maybe!!!

  • Maybe it’s time to regroup and gain some knowledge.
  • Maybe it’s time to try something else or go in a different direction.
  • Maybe it’s time to seek some help.
  • Maybe it’s time to give something the heavy-ho.
  • Maybe it’s time to quit!


Cheering Yon On to a Whole GO WITH THE COWLICK Heart,