CHECK IN for Week 10: Snoopy Moment

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Checking in for Week 10 of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

This week you were to have a Snoopy Moment…to have a day that you PLAY!

How did that go?  What did you do?  Feel free to share your Snoopy Moment below!

It’s not always easy in our driven society to take time to play. We are on the GO, we tend to be COMPETITIVE, and we like things to have a PURPOSE so as not to WASTE TIME.

What is play and what is so important about it?

Researcher Stuart Brown, MD, describes play as time spent without purpose. 

“Play is defined as engaging in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. According to Dr. Stuart Brown, there are seven properties that describe play:
  • it is apparently purposeless,
  • voluntary,
  • there is an inherent attraction to it,
  • while doing it there is freedom from time,
  • it diminishes the consciousness of self,
  • it has improvisational potential (open, not ridged), and
  • has a continuation desire which makes you want to do it more.

Play isn’t just about imagination; it is about rest and rejuvenation. It shapes our brain, fosters joy, creativity and innovation, and is essential to our health.” (1)

Research has shown that play brings joy. And it’s vital for problem solving, creativity and relationships.(2)

Don’t forget to play your way to a Lighter More Loving You!

Hoping you Double-Dog-Dared your Whole Heart,





Today is February 14th!  Valentine’s Day!

I’m checking in on the challenge I set forth during WEEK THREE’s step to a Lighter More Loving You!

CHALLENGE:  For every way you take care of your body from now till Valentine’s Day, give yourself 50 points.  Send or post your score, and I’ll send you something fun!

Let me know if you did this!  Post your score or email me at

Tell us or me some of the things you did to FILL YOUR HEART these last few week! Share how it made you feel.

Whole Heartedly,



2018 Week Five: Take Your Meds


Welcome to Week Five of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

This week’s small step is to LAUGH.

You can never laugh too much.

A man who died watching a comedy show called The Goodies reportedly died laughing, but he was suffering from a severe, hereditary heart condition. No one who has “laughed themselves to death” has been in good health, so it doesn’t appear that laughter alone can kill anyone.  From the web, Jan 23, 2015

So go ahead and laugh it up this week!

You’ve heard “Laughter is Good Medicine” and that “A Merry Heart does the body good, like medicine”.   If you have forgotten all the real benefits of laughter, check out this very thorough article:   The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter.

Here are some things I do to make sure I get my Merry Meds:

  • I love Facebook for the funny things that come through.  Every time I go on Facebook, I make it a point to let the very last thing I watch or read is something funny and hit the HA HA button.
  • I enjoy these two comedians:  Tim HawkinsJP Sears
  • Any of those text messages from parents…this is so me.
  • Laugh at my self as much as possible.  I’ve discovered I’m really quite funny leaving my reading glasses in the fridge or how I start to panic if there is no half-n-half for my morning coffee.
  • Hang around funny people.

Different things make us laugh.  Feel free to share what makes you laugh.

Cheering you on to a Whole Merry Heart,