CHECK IN Week 23: Khop Khun Mak Kha


Checking in on Week 23’s task of writing a Khop Khun Mak Kha (Thai for Thank You) Note.

The task was to write a Thank You Note to someone who has had an impact or influence on your life, AND to do this as a handwritten note and through snail mail!

We probably understand the importance of gratitude.  Do you know that there are benefits to sending handwritten thank you notes??

Check this out by Monica at Heart Gratitude

Here are 5 benefits of a handwritten thank-you note

  • It gives us an opportunity to reflect on what another person has given to us or done for us. This is how true appreciation develops. If you don’t give a second thought to what you received then you probably aren’t going to feel very thankful
  • Thinking about and expressing appreciation for what someone else has done for us helps us realize we are loved!
  • In today’s digital age of email and texting a handwritten note is often a novelty. And when you take the time to write and send a note in the mail, that person is assured that you appreciate what they have done for you or given to you. It is often more meaningful than a text or email.
  • Most people really enjoy receiving a nice hand-written note in the mail so you might just make their day as they read that heartfelt card!
  • Handwritten thank-you notes can be kept as a keepsake. I have several heartfelt thank you’s from people I love that I hang on to.

Many of us might keep gratitude journals and in Week 8, this was encouraged for a Lighter More Loving You

Here is a little something from Becky at So Very Blessed on going deeper into cultivating a grateful heart. 

A Gratitude Journal Alone Is Not Enough

Writing in your gratitude journal alone is not enough. A thankful heart comes from being able to feel it, too. 

If the purpose of writing down five things you are grateful for every day was simply that, then it would be enough to just put your pen to paper. After number five, you could check that task off of your list and be done with it.

Cultivating a true heart of thankfulness goes deeper than mere words.Gratitude journals are wonderful and I love them and use them daily, but it's not going to give you a heart of thankfulness without this one missing piece.

The purpose of writing down those things you are grateful for is to feel them. Relive those moments in vivid detail.

Replay that compliment someone told you or that smile your child gave you that lit up the room and warmed your heart.

What was going on around you? How did it make you feel?  

Savor the moment in all of your senses – the words, the emotions, the scents, the sounds.

About three years ago, I was in church with my family. My niece was 3 at the time and I was holding her in my arms while we were all standing up singing a hymn. At one point, she wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled her head into the nook of my neck. I remember everything from that moment – the bellowing organ, the feel of her skin, the smell of her hair, and especially how my heart was just bursting with love for that sweet girl and how thankful I was to be her aunt. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve thought of that moment since that day and it never ceases to bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

The more details you can remember, the better you will be able to solidify that moment in your memory, and the greater gratitude you will feel. And learning to do that regularly will change your life.

The more often you are able to relive those wonderful moments, the more you will experience a heart, and a life, overflowing with thankfulness.

Still time to hand write that Khop Khun Mak Kha (Thank You) Note!

Cheering You on to a Whole Deeply Cultivated Khop Khun Mak Kha Heart,








Checking in on Week 20‘s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You!

The task was to take 5 photos of moments in your life you may have missed if you hadn’t been given this assignment.

How’d that go?  Did you take some photos?   Do share, if you did.  If not, you still can!

How does this make you Lighter and More Loving?

Capturing, noticing, being completely aware of a moment in your life will make you more present and grateful.

When you take time to notice YOUR LIFE MOMENTS, especially the smallest of them, you are IN THE NOW.   Being in the NOW brings peace.  Your mind is not in the land of yesterday or tomorrow, but right NOW. 

It takes lots of practice to be in the NOW.   As they say in my yoga classes, “your monkey mind likes to be any place but here…NOW”.

Let’s take this “NOW MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE” one step further…

I’ve seen this quote for years:

download (3)

and this one…


What are your thoughts on what that means?

To me it is about all those MOMENTS and not the awards, titles, achievements, etc.


How are you being with your moments?

The moments of…

  • hurts, disappointments, heartaches,
  • joys and delights.

What about specific things on life’s journey…

  • moving
  • training a puppy
  • loving your spouse
  • death
  • child rearing
  • traveling
  • purchasing a house; selling a house
  • paying your bills
  • being a friend
  • mowing the lawn
  • grocery shopping
  • meeting new people
  • mopping the floor
  • changing a light bulb

And on and on!!!

I’ve had many “successful destination” moments, so to speak, yet wasn’t always happy with how I was BEING on the way there.

When I started practicing BEING IN THE NOW….and not fearing or fretting….so many everyday moments in life felt like “successes” because I liked how I was BEING in them.

How do you want to BE in the MOMENTS of your JOURNEY?

Cheering You on to a Whole MOMENT JOURNEYING Heart,


My MOMENT CLIPS…feel free to share yours:



2018 Week 20: Moment Clicks


Your task for Week 20 of a Lighter More Loving You is to take MOMENT CLICKS!

This week take 5 photos of MOMENTS of your life that you may have missed if you hadn’t been given this assignment! 

A flower, sunset, spider web, clean sink, muddy shoes, giant pile of laundry!

Whatever the five are, is up to you.  YOU are living YOUR life.

I could be helpful and say take photos of…

  • things that bring you joy
  • things you find beautiful
  • things that bug you
  • people or animals you love
  • your favorite room in your house
  • funny things
  • sad things
  • and on and on

…but I’m not going to, though you are welcome to use those as a spring-board.

Truly, just take a quick photo of a moment you may have missed if you hadn’t been asked to take 5 photos this week of your life! 

Share your photos with us!

Cheering You on to a Whole MOMENT NOTICING Heart,



CHECK IN for Week 19: Do You Know…?

images (12)

Checking in for Week 19  of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

Did you journal your list of WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?

To have a Lighter More Loving You, knowing yourself is imperative. Knowing who you are, and part of that is knowing what makes you happy, will better serve you in…

  • your choices
  • fulfilling your purpose
  • finding what is meaningful in life
  • positively effecting others.

Sharing from a blog post from a guest writer on Becoming Minimalist, take a look at this list of happiness cultivators.  I’m sure you may find that some of yours fit into these categories.  And maybe there are few you’d like to try.

This information is from the University of Amherst professor Catherine A. Sanderson, author of Science of Happiness. She is known as “The Happiness Professor.” Sanderson explained that there are 10 ways to increase your everyday happiness, according to decades worth of scientific research:

1. Make little changes in your daily routine, such as getting more sleep, exercising, getting out into nature, and meditating.

2. Read more books. Read books to learn—research suggests that lifelong learners remain healthy and engaged, and live long lives. Read books as an escape from your everyday life, Read books—it will make you happy.

3. Find your right fit or match, both personally and professionally. If you love what you do and who you are with, you’ll position yourself for personal happiness and professional success.

4. Be grateful. Sanderson suggested two specific activities to help foster a greater sense of gratitude. First, keep a daily gratitude journal. Second, pay a “gratitude visit” to someone from your past who has had a significant impact on your life, and let them know how you feel.

5. Smile more—even if you don’t feel like it. Research shows that the simple act of smiling can trick your brain into a happier state.

6. Relish simple, everyday momentsAppreciating life’s small moments, such as a beautiful, sunny day, green shoots sprouting from the ground, and skipping rocks at the beach, teaches you to be more grateful for what you have, especially during moments of stress and angst.

7. Perform random acts of kindness. Do good deeds. Volunteer. Be charitable. Shop (for someone else!). Numerous studies have shown that you can help yourself by doing good for others.

8. Spend money on experiences versus thingsStudies have shown that buying an object—a car, handbag, or kitchen gadget—can quickly lead to buyer’s remorse. On the other hand, investing in experiences—a concert, a camping trip, music lessons—leads to greater happiness. Experiences create “happiness residue,” and our perceptions of them often get better over time.

9. Avoid comparisons. Whatever you may think of someone else’s life, particularly as viewed through the phony, filtered lens of social media, it’s almost certainly messier than you imagine. It’s easier to embrace, and learn to love, your own imperfections, if you don’t conjure up myths about how perfect everyone else’s lives seem.

10. Build and maintain close relationships. According to Sanderson, having a small number of tight, meaningful relationships is one of the highest predictor of happiness.

Encouraging You to a Whole Happiness Known Heart,