CHECK IN for Week 10: Snoopy Moment

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Checking in for Week 10 of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

This week you were to have a Snoopy Moment…to have a day that you PLAY!

How did that go?  What did you do?  Feel free to share your Snoopy Moment below!

It’s not always easy in our driven society to take time to play. We are on the GO, we tend to be COMPETITIVE, and we like things to have a PURPOSE so as not to WASTE TIME.

What is play and what is so important about it?

Researcher Stuart Brown, MD, describes play as time spent without purpose. 

“Play is defined as engaging in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. According to Dr. Stuart Brown, there are seven properties that describe play:
  • it is apparently purposeless,
  • voluntary,
  • there is an inherent attraction to it,
  • while doing it there is freedom from time,
  • it diminishes the consciousness of self,
  • it has improvisational potential (open, not ridged), and
  • has a continuation desire which makes you want to do it more.

Play isn’t just about imagination; it is about rest and rejuvenation. It shapes our brain, fosters joy, creativity and innovation, and is essential to our health.” (1)

Research has shown that play brings joy. And it’s vital for problem solving, creativity and relationships.(2)

Don’t forget to play your way to a Lighter More Loving You!

Hoping you Double-Dog-Dared your Whole Heart,



2018 Week 10: Snoopy Moment

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Week 10 of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to have a Snoopy Moment!

Nothing reminds me of my childhood more than Snoopy!  I read every Peanuts comic, had a wide array of snoopy toys, and my “security blanket” was a large stuffed Snoopy.

This week you are to BE A KID AGAIN!  Have a SNOOPY MOMENT!

I have a Snoopy figurine where I see it every day to remind me to have KID MOMENTS.

To remember to:

  • play

  • have fun

  • laugh

  • be free of fear and go for adventures

  • be spontaneous

  • be creative and imaginative

  • believe anything is possible

  • let go of what others think

  • be trusting

  • be open

  • explore and learn

  • be excited over the smallest things

  • not be so serious 

  • hang out with friends

  • be accepting and non-judgie

What are some of the things you use to do?

This is your week to do something you use to love to do as a kid!

  • color, paint, or draw
  • write a story with a crayon and illustrate it
  • dress up
  • sing and/or dance
  • play Twister…play any game
  • make mud pies or build a snowman
  • have a snow ball, pillow, water gun, Nurf ball or marshmallow fight
  • skip down the hall at work
  • make your favorite meal as a kid
  • chew a gum ball or have a jaw breaker
  • eat ice cream for dinner
  • jump rope or go sledding
  • go roller or ice skating
  • go to the park and swing or slide
  • go look for crayfish or salamanders in stream
  • build a tent
  • read a book under the covers with a flashlight
  • play catch, shoot hoops, kick a ball
  • play flashlight tag or hide and seek
  • make funny faces as you drive by people
  • read a comic book or some children books
  • climb a tree or rock
  • have a sleep over
  • stand on your head, do a somersault, a cart-wheel, or a hand stand
  • play with a kid and just be a kid yourself….make truck noises, put 50 hair clips in your hair!

Hopefully that got your juices flowing!

Would love for you to share what you did!

Double-Dog-Daring you to a Whole Snoopy Moment Heart,