Exercise 1: Just BE…


You’ll be challenged to

I have BE sitting on a window sill in my home (picture above). 

(Sorry…something has gone a miss with this post.)


2018 Week 46: HaMakom

Week 46’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is MaHakom.

One of the names of God in the Hebrew Scriptures is HaMakom meaning “the omnipresent,” literally translated “THE PLACE.”  

A traditional Jewish sentiment offered to someone in grief, “HaMakom yenachem et’chem,” means “May THE PLACE comfort you.” 

While THE PLACE is the divine, the spiritual, the presence that is within us and with us at all times, THE PLACE carries a sense of belonging as well.  THE PLACE where one belongs.  We find our PLACE…in the divine, scheme of life, the world.  

Having THE PLACE and A PLACE can help us with feelings of worth, comfort, peace, love, and contentment.  

THE PLACE is inside you, YET an actual PLACE to connect, recharge, and be reminded of YOUR PLACE does much to facilitate your journey to a lighter, more loving you.

This week your task is to create YOUR PLACE, THE PLACE, A PLACE for you in your home where you can go and meditate, journal, read, relax, breath, get centered, connect to a higher power, and just be you.

It might be a chair, a closet, the kitchen counter, or your side of the bed.  

What would you put there to make this your PLACE….your sacred space?

  • A candle,
  • blanket,
  • pillow,
  • a special book,
  • journal,
  • pen,
  • eye glasses,
  • Kleenex,
  • colored pencils,
  • meaningful photo,
  • a special rock?

Would there be any boundaries around your PLACE?

  • If candle is lit, please do not disturb?
  • Quiet time for others in your home when you are in your place?
  • Certain time of day you will give yourself permission to be there?


Take time this week to find and create your MaHakom…THE PLACE.

Cheering You on to a Whole MaHakom Heart,



CHECK IN for Week 19: Do You Know…?

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Checking in for Week 19  of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

Did you journal your list of WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?

To have a Lighter More Loving You, knowing yourself is imperative. Knowing who you are, and part of that is knowing what makes you happy, will better serve you in…

  • your choices
  • fulfilling your purpose
  • finding what is meaningful in life
  • positively effecting others.

Sharing from a blog post from a guest writer on Becoming Minimalist, take a look at this list of happiness cultivators.  I’m sure you may find that some of yours fit into these categories.  And maybe there are few you’d like to try.

This information is from the University of Amherst professor Catherine A. Sanderson, author of Science of Happiness. She is known as “The Happiness Professor.” Sanderson explained that there are 10 ways to increase your everyday happiness, according to decades worth of scientific research:

1. Make little changes in your daily routine, such as getting more sleep, exercising, getting out into nature, and meditating.

2. Read more books. Read books to learn—research suggests that lifelong learners remain healthy and engaged, and live long lives. Read books as an escape from your everyday life, Read books—it will make you happy.

3. Find your right fit or match, both personally and professionally. If you love what you do and who you are with, you’ll position yourself for personal happiness and professional success.

4. Be grateful. Sanderson suggested two specific activities to help foster a greater sense of gratitude. First, keep a daily gratitude journal. Second, pay a “gratitude visit” to someone from your past who has had a significant impact on your life, and let them know how you feel.

5. Smile more—even if you don’t feel like it. Research shows that the simple act of smiling can trick your brain into a happier state.

6. Relish simple, everyday momentsAppreciating life’s small moments, such as a beautiful, sunny day, green shoots sprouting from the ground, and skipping rocks at the beach, teaches you to be more grateful for what you have, especially during moments of stress and angst.

7. Perform random acts of kindness. Do good deeds. Volunteer. Be charitable. Shop (for someone else!). Numerous studies have shown that you can help yourself by doing good for others.

8. Spend money on experiences versus thingsStudies have shown that buying an object—a car, handbag, or kitchen gadget—can quickly lead to buyer’s remorse. On the other hand, investing in experiences—a concert, a camping trip, music lessons—leads to greater happiness. Experiences create “happiness residue,” and our perceptions of them often get better over time.

9. Avoid comparisons. Whatever you may think of someone else’s life, particularly as viewed through the phony, filtered lens of social media, it’s almost certainly messier than you imagine. It’s easier to embrace, and learn to love, your own imperfections, if you don’t conjure up myths about how perfect everyone else’s lives seem.

10. Build and maintain close relationships. According to Sanderson, having a small number of tight, meaningful relationships is one of the highest predictor of happiness.

Encouraging You to a Whole Happiness Known Heart,





Checking in on Week 16‘s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

Your task was to WRITE OUT your SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDIOUS (extraordinarily good and wonderful) DAY. It can be a past day or your dream day…or both!

Currently, signs that say,

“Today is a perfect day to have a perfect day!”

seem to be quite popular.   I see them everywhere!

Wondering if PERFECT DAY is the same as a SUPERCALI…etc. Day?  I think so!

One of the words in a thesaurus for PERFECT is AUTHENTIC!

What do you think of when you think of this word AUTHENTIC?

  • real
  • whole
  • true
  • trustworthy
  • pure
  • ?

In Week 16’s blog I said that writing out your SUPERCALI…etc. days will help find keys to a lighter, more loving you.

What may be discovered is that those best, perfect, awesome, wonderful days are when you are truly yourself, when you are AUTHENTIC, REAL, TRUE TO YOU.

This is living…

  • from what you value,
  • from what you are about,
  • from what you truly believe,
  • when you do what you say you will do,
  • when you trust yourself,
  • when you choose love over fear,
  • when your best self comes through.

This can be done while relaxing on the beach with your pina colada or when attending your best friend’s funeral.    SUPERCALI…ect. days aren’t always “happy”.  They can still be AUTHENTIC, PERFECT, EXTRAORDINARILY GOOD and WONDERFUL.

Review what you wrote in regards to your SUPERCALI…etc. day(s).  Can you see some of your values?  What is authentic, true and your “best self” coming through in that day(s)? Feel free to share in the comments!