Journal Circle

Journal Circle
You’re invited to a special 6 week Journal Circle via live Zoom for Focus, Creativity, and Connection!

This is being offered through Full Circle Yoga Studio in Longmont, CO. Since it is via Zoom, you can join in from anywhere.

Sessions are available at two times:
Sunday Evenings at 7PM MT (9PM EST)
Monday Mornings at 7:30AM MT (9:30AM EST)

All the info is below and how to register. It is only $40 for 6 one hour sessions. If you have questions, contact Barbara at

Journal Circle via Zoom
Sunday evenings at 7PM Mountain Time
Dates: September 20, 27 October 4, 11, 18, 25
Monday Mornings at 7:30AM Mountain Time
Dates: September 21, 28 October 5, 12, 19, 26
Connect. Share. Focus. Create!
• Are your weeks blurring into one another?
• Do you find it hard to focus?
• Do you feel like goals and dreams have been put on hold?
• Would you like to tap into your creative spirit which can make this less social and anxiety ridden time more joy-filled?
• Are you missing connection and community?
Come join Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, Barbara Banks, for this 6 week Journal Circle.
Journal Circle will meet one time a week for an hour via live zoom.
We will journal, use specific journaling tools to gain weekly and daily focus, engage in activities to enhance our creative spirit, and create a safe community for sharing and connecting.
Pre-Registration is highly encouraged as, one, you’ll save money, and, two, you will need handouts before the first Circle.
Registration: $40
What you’ll need and not need:
• A notebook size 3 ring binder OR a Disc letter size notebook. (I will send info on Disc notebooks upon registering. Disc systems can be found at Staples and online via Amazon. Contact Barbara if you’d like to know why she prefers Disc systems for journals.)
• You will receive two types of journal pages via email that you will need to print, punch, and store in a binder/notebook.
• Notebook paper for journaling (3 hole punched or Disc punched paper).
• Optional: Treat yourself to colored pencils or pens (gel or non-blead through) as creativity on your Daily Pages will be encouraged.
• No journaling or art experience necessary.
• Ability to be seen and heard via zoom.




Checking in for Week 32’s task of TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF!

The task this week is to take a look at your BOUNDARIES.

Boundaries are guidelines on HOW TO LOVE YOU. 

(Of course they are also great for others to tell us how to love them, but for this week concentrate on knowing your boundaries.)

There is a verse in the bible, where Jesus is talking, and he is speaking of God here as well, that says,

“If you love Me, keep My commandments.”  John 14:15-17  (NKJV)

This does not say I WILL LOVE YOU IF YOU KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS.  God already loves us and always will.  This is talking about HOW YOU CAN SHOW YOU LOVE HIM.

The same goes with loving our selves and other people.

Do you have guidelines for important areas of your life such as money, healthy, body, family, relationships, time, emotional and mental health, home, and so on?

Boundaries let YOU and OTHERS know how to love YOU.

Danny Silk, President and Co-Founder of Loving On Purpose Ministries, translates the above verse like this:

“I can see how much value you place on protecting my heart based on how  you treat what I told you is important to me.”

Your heart breaks, can feel betrayed, and looses trust every time you cross over one of your boundaries.  And sometimes this happens because there have been no boundaries set.


And I do know this is not always easy and can take years of trial and error to know what loving you may look like.  And I do know your boundaries can change over time, and in different circumstances, and with different people.   The thing is YOU NEED THEM and others need them from you.

I have learned over the years that “flying by the seat of my pants” on important areas of my life does not produce the best results.  Any time I have given my self a boundary or a guideline for something (i.e. health, body, relationship, or work goals), I was much lighter, more peaceful, more joyful, and more loving…and not to mention more productive and successful.

If you have experienced the same or have a boundary you’d like to share, please do so in the comments.

Take time this week to become more AWARE OF and JOURNAL ABOUT your boundaries.

Cheering You on to a Whole Protected Heart,





2018 Week One: Clean Out Something


50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You

Week ONE:  Clean Out Something!

Clean out…

  • your wallet
  • your purse
  • your undies or socks
  • a drawer
  • a cabinet
  • a closet
  • your glove compartment
  • your car
  • your emails
  • dare I even say…your garage, attic, basement?

Clean out something this week.  Pick something you know you can do in 5 minutes, 30 minutes, a few hours, a day….just as long as it is complete in one week!

“The spirit likes to travel lite.  The ego is a pack rat.” –unknown

Our stuff, while it does not truly define who you are, is a reflection of us. If you described yourself in 3 words, or 3 words on how you’d like to be, such as peaceful, beautiful, confident, does your “stuff” reflect that?  Does your purse, drawer, car?

“Junk gets you stuck.”  –me

Old, un-liked, un-useful, worn out, expired things get you stuck in…

  • the past
  • your emotions
  • negative energy
  • bad habits

Toss, recycle, give away, and watch what starts to happen in other areas of your life.   The only way you’ll know this works is if you try it.

BE MINDFUL:  If you are having a hard time tossing or giving things away, just be aware of what your head is saying to yourself.   Is it true?  There are so many ways to get stuck in the clean out process.   Be kind to yourself, be brave, do it anyways.


I’d love to hear what you cleaned or tossed.

If you’ve been cleaning out and tossing for a while, share how it has transferred to other areas of your life.

Here’s to a Whole Lighten the Load Heart,