Exercise 5: BE the Light


Exercise 5 of blog series “BE” is BE the Light.

This is another phrase heard quite often.  I’ve heard it at church, yoga, and social media.

I’ve also seen it as “BE the LITE.”   Is there a difference?

What are your thoughts?

Take time in the next couple weeks to answer these questions in your journal to gain insight into your own thoughts and self.

  1. What does LIGHT mean?  (Feel free to get out the dictionary.)   What about LITE?
  2. If you were BEING the Light/Lite, what would you be doing?  How would another know you were BEING the Light/Lite?
  3. What makes this important…to BE the Light?
  4. Is it a spiritual thing to you?  And if so, in what way?  If it is not a spiritual thing to you, what does it mean to you to BE the Light?
  5. Have you ever met anyone who was BEING the Light/Lite?  What made you think or know this?
  6. What activities do you think would increase BEING the Light?  What activities do you do currently that help you BE the Light?
  7. Is there any activity you’d like to start or increase because it helps you in BEING the Light?

Feel free to share a response to one of the questions above in the comments.

Cheering You on to a Whole Light Heart,





2018 Week 47: Stuff Your Stocking


I do hope you took the time to do Week 46’s task of HaMakom…making your PLACE.  These last few tasks are going to take thought, contemplation and journaling.  The perfect thing to do in your special place!

Week 47’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to STUFF YOUR STOCKING.

Many, many, many years ago, a dear friend of mine shared one of her family traditions.  Sometime during the Christmas season, each family member would take time to think about what THREE GIFTS they would give to Jesus.  They would write them down and put them in their stocking.

The THREE GIFTS were based on the Magi bringing three gifts to Jesus in the bible.

The gifts are not necessarily material things, but parts of their life that they would like to put in Jesus’s hand or something they’d like to do to bring more peace into their home/life.

Things such as…

  • turning over concern/worry in regards to finances, school, a relationship
  • better self-care in the area of ________
  • be more grateful, compassionate, or kind
  • a start of or increase in tithing
  • reading their bible more
  • more prayer
  • more consistent church going
  • be on time for things
  • serving others
  • being more patient
  • making an effort to be a better friend
  • saying “I Love You” more
  • sharing toys with siblings
  • looking for ways to make mom happy

They didn’t need to share what they choose with others unless they wanted to. The paper would stay in their stocking all year and be looked upon at the next Christmas to see how their gift giving went.

If it helps, use the Magi gifts as a guideline.


Gold is the metal of kings. When gold was presented to Jesus, it acknowledged his right to rule.

What is out of your control or do you worry about that you could give to God/Higher Power to make your life more peaceful?


Incense, or frankincense, was used in the temple as a form of worship.

What could you give to God/Higher Power or to your self that would show adoration, love, honor, care?


Myrrh was used for embalming. We do not know precisely what the wise men may have known or guessed about Christ’s ministry, but we do know that the Old Testament again and again foretold his suffering.

What in your life needs to die, so to speak, or sacrificed for you to live a lighter, more loving you?

What thing/thought do you need to say, “Remember, I embalmed that”  “It’s gone,” “that no longer is in my life,” “that once may have served me, but now I’m done with that” ?  (Maybe something you’ve been saying about your self that is not serving you or your life.)

This week your task is to STUFF YOUR STOCKING with THREE GIFTS written on a piece of paper and then put in your stocking (or other item you only bring out this time of year.)

Cheering You on to a Whole Stuffed Stocking Heart,



CHECKING IN for Week 38: Voilà, My Scar!


Checking in on Week 38‘s task of Voilà, My Scar!

This week you are to share a scar and its story with someone, as well as, ask someone about one of their scars and story around it.

You are welcome to do this in the comments…share one of your scar stories.

Besides it being and easy conversation starter and way to connect with someone, what else did you learn or realize from doing this?


  • something in common with someone,
  • were you able to relate,
  • a better understanding of that person,
  • how others dealt with the scar or thing that induced it,
  • lessons learned?

Scars are a part of life….the scars we can see and the ones we can’t. 

images (1)

Scars can shape who we are:

  • I have a friend who broke her femur when she was a teenager.  She has a scar from the surgeries to correct this injury.  This “scar” shaped her future; it lead her to become a nurse.
  • I have friends who have inner scars from traumatic childhoods who have used their own healing as a way to help others.
  • I’ve seen scars from illnesses create people who love life to the fullest.

On the spiritual level our scars can be seen as “Sacred Scars.”

This is what I have heard someone call Jesus’s scars on his hands and feet. Scars that he still carries with him even after his resurrection.  If you are like me, you may have wondered why God didn’t return him to “perfect.”

He received those scars in service to God and us. They were in service after he rose to show the apostles it was really him and alive.

They can be in service to us now, as Jesus still having scars means he understands our wounds and scars left from sufferings. And like him, they can be used by God to help others.

Do you have any “sacred scars’ or some that could be?

I hope you never become ashamed of your scars and use them to relate, share and tell your story, be you, and help another.

Cheering You on to a Whole Sacred Scar Heart,





CHECK IN for Week 33: What’s Your Hub, Bub?


Checking in for Week 33 of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

This week examine your HUB…your spiritual practices.

What are you doing in your spiritual life to keep you running smoothly, effectively carry loads, and cope with extreme conditions?

Is it an active part of your life…daily?

Spiritual practices are ways in which one connects with God/Higher Power or what ever you deem is greater than your self.

Based on Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God by Gary Thomas, here are Nine Sacred Pathways or spiritual temperaments that God creates in human beings so that we can connect and worship God in unique ways:

1. Naturalists — love God best outdoors. These people worship in the midst of God’s creation. They celebrate His majesty and discover spiritual truths through nature;

2. Sensates — love God through their senses. These people worship through sensual
experiences — sights (like art), sounds (music), smells, and more;

3. Traditionalists — love God through religious ritual and symbols. These people worship through traditions and sacraments of the Church. They believe structure, repetition, and rigidity, like weekly liturgy, leads to deeper understanding of God and faith;

4. Ascetics — love God in solitude and simplicity. These people worship through prayer
and quiet time, and the absence of all outside noise and distraction;

5. Activists — love God through confrontation, fighting for godly principles and values.
They worship through their dedication to and participation in God’s truth about social
and evangelistic causes;

6. Caregivers — love God by serving others, and worship by giving of themselves. They
may nurse the sick and disabled, “adopt” a prisoner, donate time at a shelter, etc.;

7. Enthusiasts — love God through mystery and celebration. These people worship with
outward displays of passion and enthusiasm. They love new experiences. They love God with gusto;

8. Contemplatives — love God through adoration. These people worship by their
attentiveness, deep love, and intimacy. They have an active prayer life;

9. Intellectuals — love God with their mind and their hearts are opened up to a new
attentiveness when they understand something new about God. These people worship
through intense study, apologetics, and intellectual pursuits of their faith.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these?  You may find yourself in several of these and may see they change over your lifetime.

If you are not sure and want to take a Sacred Path assessment, go HERE.

With this list, we can see that there is not just one way to connect with God allowing us to utilize out unique temperament to do so AND to respect others in their way.

Encouraging to put your PATH into PRACTICE!

Cheering You on to a Whole Healthy Hub Heart,