2018 Week 38: Voilà, My Scar!


Week 38’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to “Voilà, My Scar!”

When my daughter was little, she would watch Madeline.  One of the stories was about Madeline receiving a scar from having her appendix removed.  She sang a song about her scar and would show it to whoever wanted to see.  She was very proud of her scar.

Your task this week is twofold:

  1. Share with someone a scar you have and your story behind it.

  2. Ask someone to show you one of their scars and share their story.

Not only is this a great conversation starter to increase your connection with others, but it is easy.   I’d dare say, we all have a scar or two from an accident or a surgery.

Scars are part of life.


Tattoos would be fun to share and ask about, too…but this week…

share your scar story and ask someone about theirs.

Cheering You on to a Whole Scar Story Heart,




CHECK IN for Week 17: Go With the COWLICK!

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Checking in for Week 17‘s task, which was to GO WITH THE COWLICK…the thing you can not change or is resisting change.

The thing that JUST IS!

To let yourself off the hook of straightening it out or of fighting for it to be some other way…especially if it something you can not change…like having a COWLICK!

I was told many years ago

the minute I stop fighting what is, things will change!

That was so true in many areas of my life!

  • what weight I was
  • what level I was in my business
  • wishing I was not divorced
  • not wanting to live where I was
  • certain aspects of my body that just are
  • relationships I was in
  • the cowlicks that I have!

When I ACCEPTED HOW THINGS WERE, things began to change.

Things like…

  • my weight
  • living situation
  • relationships…with others and myself.

The biggest change was in my MIND and HAPPINESS LEVEL!

There was so much more peace, kindness, and gentleness.

Anytime I catch myself fighting or even wishing something was different, I remember my COWLICKS!   I see them everyday!

The COWLICKS are there. 

That is just how it is.

Go with them.

Love them!

What are your COWLICKS?

Cheering You On to a Whole PEACEFUL COWLICK Heart,




2018 Week 17: Go With The Cowlick!

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The 17th task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to GO WITH THE COWLICK!!!

cow·lick:   a lock of hair that grows in a direction different from the rest and that resists being combed flat.

I have a cowlick!  To be accurate, I have three!


I’m sure if I had grown out my bangs, which I never have, I wouldn’t have spent as much time and energy trying to get them to lie flat or make my bangs stay together! On rare occasions, with much hairspray, I can get my bangs to look like straight, full bangs for about 30 minutes!

The thing is…I will ALWAYS have the cowlicks!

Eventually, after many a year, I gave up and just WENT WITH THE COWLICKS!!

IMG_4428A much happier me GOING WITH MY COWLICKS!

What in your life goes in a different direction than what you’d like?

What will you ALWAYS have, but are trying to FIX?

Is it something with your…

  • Body?
  • Work or Career?
  • Child?
  • Spouse?
  • Home?
  • Life?

Where are you spending a lot of time with very little or no change?

This week GO WITH THE COWLICK…the thing you can not change or is resisting change. The thing that JUST IS!

Let yourself off the hook of straightening it out, of battling it, of fighting for it to be exactly the way you want.

Does that mean you totally give up?  Maybe!!!

  • Maybe it’s time to regroup and gain some knowledge.
  • Maybe it’s time to try something else or go in a different direction.
  • Maybe it’s time to seek some help.
  • Maybe it’s time to give something the heavy-ho.
  • Maybe it’s time to quit!


Cheering Yon On to a Whole GO WITH THE COWLICK Heart, 





CHECK IN for Week Four: Give Notice


Week Four of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You: GIVE NOTICE

This week’s task was to GIVE NOTICE to the not so wonderful thoughts you have that are critical or judgmental of yourself or others.  You are to acknowledge them but do nothing about them.

How’s that going?

MINDFULNESS is a big buzz word these days.  I even noticed a whole magazine on mindfulness at the grocery store.

What’s up with MINDFULNESS?

  • It helps us become an OBJECTIVE OBSERVER...one that does not judge, label or classify.   In mindfulness we are just acknowledging and being aware of our thought life.
  • It helps us see that WE ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS!  They are just thoughts. We have the choice not to believe everything we think. (Thank goodness, right?)
  • It helps us BE PRESENT.  Many times when we have the critical/judgmental thoughts of our self or others we are:
    1.  FIGHTING SOMETHING.  Sometimes it is with who we are and who we want to be.  We are fighting with what is NOW.  Example: If you are judgmental about your body size, are you wishing you were smaller (future); condemning your self for something you ate (past)?  Are you fighting who you are exactly at this moment?  NOW, HERE, THIS VERY MOMENT of how and who we are, is where to start for a better  life.
    2. FEARING SOMETHING.  Fear also stems from not being present.  “Maybe I’ll fail again” (past); “maybe I will fail” (future).  Right in this very moment, neither of those are true.  Right here, right now is the best…and only…place to start.

SPIRITUALLY, how does this make me a lighter more loving person?

In the bible, God is quite keen on wisdom. Proverbs is often known as the book of wisdom.  Words that often accompany WISDOM in the bible are INSIGHT and UNDERSTANDING.

Some of this “insight and understanding” is about who God is.  Many scriptures, however, are talking about having insight and understanding with ourselves and others.

Here are some words and phrases you’d find if you did a word study on INSIGHT and UNDERSTANDING:

  • apprehending the true nature of things
  • discernment
  • perception
  • awareness
  • knowing
  • sensitive
  • compassionate
  • kindness
  • realization

If you take the time to become more aware of your thoughts, you will be better able to choose a different path, especially in regards to your thought life, and, thus in what you choose to do.  This is wisdom.

Being mindful will lead you to be more sensitive and more compassionate with you and others.  This will make you more loving,

Mindfulness (acknowledging, being aware of, and noticing your thoughts), which is what you are doing this week, is the fist step to wisdom and towards change.

Encouraging You to a Whole Mindfully Wise Heart,