2018 Week 46: HaMakom

Week 46’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is MaHakom.

One of the names of God in the Hebrew Scriptures is HaMakom meaning “the omnipresent,” literally translated “THE PLACE.”  

A traditional Jewish sentiment offered to someone in grief, “HaMakom yenachem et’chem,” means “May THE PLACE comfort you.” 

While THE PLACE is the divine, the spiritual, the presence that is within us and with us at all times, THE PLACE carries a sense of belonging as well.  THE PLACE where one belongs.  We find our PLACE…in the divine, scheme of life, the world.  

Having THE PLACE and A PLACE can help us with feelings of worth, comfort, peace, love, and contentment.  

THE PLACE is inside you, YET an actual PLACE to connect, recharge, and be reminded of YOUR PLACE does much to facilitate your journey to a lighter, more loving you.

This week your task is to create YOUR PLACE, THE PLACE, A PLACE for you in your home where you can go and meditate, journal, read, relax, breath, get centered, connect to a higher power, and just be you.

It might be a chair, a closet, the kitchen counter, or your side of the bed.  

What would you put there to make this your PLACE….your sacred space?

  • A candle,
  • blanket,
  • pillow,
  • a special book,
  • journal,
  • pen,
  • eye glasses,
  • Kleenex,
  • colored pencils,
  • meaningful photo,
  • a special rock?

Would there be any boundaries around your PLACE?

  • If candle is lit, please do not disturb?
  • Quiet time for others in your home when you are in your place?
  • Certain time of day you will give yourself permission to be there?


Take time this week to find and create your MaHakom…THE PLACE.

Cheering You on to a Whole MaHakom Heart,



2018 Week 45: Hall Pass

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Week 45’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is Hall Pass.

I wonder if schools still use Hall Pass’s…the PERMISSION SLIP one needed from a teacher to go to the bathroom, library, nurse, office or some other place in school.   They signified that one had permission to be wondering the halls during class time.

This week your task is to give your self a HALL PASS…or two!

The holiday season is upon us.  There is a certain frenetic energy that happens between now and New Year’s Day.  Even if one has worked hard at simplifying things, including the holidays, there still seems to be an energy that puts us in GO MODE and STRESS whether due to things to do, places to go, or family dynamics.

Many years ago, when I got married, someone told me to make sure I relaxed and enjoyed the day, to not worry about logistics and things like that.  If I didn’t get “present” and totally into the day, it would pass by with great speed and little enjoyment.

That was such great advice and this can be carried right over into this time of year.

What can you give yourself PERMISSION TO DO, your HALL PASS, through this holiday season to be sure you go through it relaxed and present?


  • quiet times
  • early bed times
  • not having to have everything perfect
  • gift shopping on-line
  • delegate tasks
  • say no to some holiday event invitations
  • soak in a tub with candles
  • enjoy your events without worrying if others are enjoying it
  • remember to be grateful
  • limit the amount of money spent on gifts
  • skip sending Christmas cards
  • take a walk

Take time this week to WRITE OUT your HALL PASS(ES) and give yourself PERMISSION to follow them through.

My HALL PASS is that I will not write CHECK IN’s for these last 5 tasks.

Share some of your HALL PASSES in the comments and inspire others.

Cheering You on to a Whole Relaxed and Present Hall Pass Heart,




CHECK IN Week 44: I Like Your _____

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Checking in on Week 44‘s task of “I Like Your _____.”

This week’s task is to GIVE something to the next person who gives you a compliment…someone who says, “I like your _______.”

Here is the real challenge, give that person the actual thing they compliment you about.

Do this for just ONE, the NEXT, person who gives you a compliment about something you have on.

If someone compliments you on your scarf, give them your scarf.

(Of course, be reasonable.  I’m not sure you want to give someone your dress or pants unless you have another handy to put on.)

How is it going?

How do you feel about this task in general?

What feelings pop up just thinking about doing this task?

Does it have to do with actually giving something away, the interaction, the whole idea?

Are you wearing things that you know you could give up if someone complimented you on it?

How likely are you to do this task?

If this task seems hard to you, what would make it easier?

I sure wish we were in a room with a group of us to have a discussion about this.  I think it would be interesting.

My guess is that many of us have more than enough things, so giving something away wouldn’t be hard.

I’m also thinking that many of us have big hearts, so giving wouldn’t be an issue.

Maybe it would be how the other would respond to you giving them something right on the spot.  Or maybe there is concern over what you’d have to give away, especially if it  was a gift, had sentimental value, cost a good deal, or took you a long time to find.

This task is really more about self-awareness in regards to your possessions.

Do you feel attached to your items and find it difficult to let go?

That isn’t unusual.  We can get attached to things.  We can also get attached to people, the past, poor habits, unhelpful thought patterns, and the like.

An unusual phenomenon is, as you start to let go of possessions, you will be able to let go in other areas of your life as well.

A giving, less attached, more letting go heart is important in being a Lighter More Loving You.

Here is an interesting article by Leo Babauta, if you’d like to grow your awareness around you and your possessions:  How to Let Go of Any Possession

Cheering You on to a Whole Letting Go Heart,



CHECK IN Week 43: Thou ART


Checking in on Week 43’s task of THOU ART.

This week your task is to do something creative or to do something to nurture your creativity.

Why is creativity important in your life?  

  • It makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling. 
  • It is not just about making something, it is about “growing.”  The root meaning of create is ‘to grow.’
  • Creativity is what makes your life fun and is what gets you excited each and everyday.
  • When you allow yourself to create, you allow yourself to be your true self. 
  • “Stop worrying about what other people think or say about you. If you have fun doing it and it keeps you constantly thinking and trying to figure out a new and better way, then that is what you need to focus on in life because creativity is what pushes passion.” —Preston Waters | Elite


Ann Voskamp shares these words about being creative:

  • Creativity, it’s good theology; it’s what God did in the beginning.
  • When we stop fearing failure, we start being artists.
  • Don’t let the sun set till you’ve done one thing that sort of scares you. The only trees that ever grow tall keep relentlessly stretching into unknown territory.
  • You have to bury your fear in faith. Otherwise you bury your talents.

Art, it’s the second person present indicative of the verb to be. Art is a way of being and when you make your life art — thou art.

Feel free to share how you nurture your creative self in the comments.

Cheering you on to a Whole THOU ART You Heart,



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