Death, Divorce, and Heartbreak Part 4: Allow the Space to Become More God-Like

How to deal with Death, Divorce and Heartbreak Dealing with suffering is not a new topic.  I’ve read and listened to wonderful books and teachings on dealing with grief, divorcing with integrity, and what to do after a bad break … Continue reading

Death, Divorce, and Heartbreak Part 2: A Personal Reflection

I was telling a friend, “I’m much better at death than heartache through divorce or breakups.” I have known this about myself for quite some time. And I have asked God, “What makes heartache so much more difficult for me … Continue reading

On Death, Divorce, and Heartbreak Part One: The Empty Hangers in the Closet

Recently I had a session of WHOOP classes with two beautiful, journeying women. Each was going through a major life change.   Six months earlier Cheryl had lost her husband, and father to her teenage son, to a heart attack.  Susan … Continue reading