CHECKING IN for Week 38: Voilà, My Scar!


Checking in on Week 38‘s task of Voilà, My Scar!

This week you are to share a scar and its story with someone, as well as, ask someone about one of their scars and story around it.

You are welcome to do this in the comments…share one of your scar stories.

Besides it being and easy conversation starter and way to connect with someone, what else did you learn or realize from doing this?


  • something in common with someone,
  • were you able to relate,
  • a better understanding of that person,
  • how others dealt with the scar or thing that induced it,
  • lessons learned?

Scars are a part of life….the scars we can see and the ones we can’t. 

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Scars can shape who we are:

  • I have a friend who broke her femur when she was a teenager.  She has a scar from the surgeries to correct this injury.  This “scar” shaped her future; it lead her to become a nurse.
  • I have friends who have inner scars from traumatic childhoods who have used their own healing as a way to help others.
  • I’ve seen scars from illnesses create people who love life to the fullest.

On the spiritual level our scars can be seen as “Sacred Scars.”

This is what I have heard someone call Jesus’s scars on his hands and feet. Scars that he still carries with him even after his resurrection.  If you are like me, you may have wondered why God didn’t return him to “perfect.”

He received those scars in service to God and us. They were in service after he rose to show the apostles it was really him and alive.

They can be in service to us now, as Jesus still having scars means he understands our wounds and scars left from sufferings. And like him, they can be used by God to help others.

Do you have any “sacred scars’ or some that could be?

I hope you never become ashamed of your scars and use them to relate, share and tell your story, be you, and help another.

Cheering You on to a Whole Sacred Scar Heart,






2018 Week 38: Voilà, My Scar!


Week 38’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to “Voilà, My Scar!”

When my daughter was little, she would watch Madeline.  One of the stories was about Madeline receiving a scar from having her appendix removed.  She sang a song about her scar and would show it to whoever wanted to see.  She was very proud of her scar.

Your task this week is twofold:

  1. Share with someone a scar you have and your story behind it.

  2. Ask someone to show you one of their scars and share their story.

Not only is this a great conversation starter to increase your connection with others, but it is easy.   I’d dare say, we all have a scar or two from an accident or a surgery.

Scars are part of life.


Tattoos would be fun to share and ask about, too…but this week…

share your scar story and ask someone about theirs.

Cheering You on to a Whole Scar Story Heart,



2018 Week 34: Be the Early Bird


Week 34’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to Be the Early Bird.

Most often we associate EARLY BIRD with getting up early!  

This week be the Early Bird to BED!

Pick one night this week to eat dinner early, immediately after get ready for bed…pajamas and all…then crawl into bed before the sun sets!!

Get your spouse, significant other, entire family to be EARLY BIRDS for one night this week!

Crawl into bed and read, watch a movie, look at those magazines you never have time for, do a crossword puzzle, meditate, journal, go to sleep, or….whatever :)!  It doesn’t matter as long as you are in your night clothes and in bed before the sun sets.

If you are not sure what time the sun is going to set, just type in SUNSET TIMES in your search engine.  It should pull up the time in your area.

Make this fun.  Enjoy being an EARLY BIRD!

Cheering You on to a Whole Early Bird Heart,



CHECK IN for Week 18: Put On the Put Off

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Week 18‘s task was to PUT ON THE PUT OFF!

More clearly, to PUT ON your calendar that APPOINTMENT that you’ve been PUTTING OFF!

It could have been a doctor or dentist appointment, some test you needed, a car or house maintenance appointment, or even that needed massage or manicure.

How’d that go?  Have you done it yet?

If you did it, were you aware of how it felt after you did it?

I know life gets busy and things can get PUT OFF and PUT OFF!

How does PUTTING ON the PUT OFF appointment help you be a Lighter More Loving You?

  1. SELF CARE is so important.  If you keep putting off what is caring for yourself the lack of “care” will start showing up in other areas of your life and in your relationships!   Self care promotes better other care.
  2. TRUSTING YOUR SELF…do you?  The little things, like making self-care appointments, builds trust for your self.   If you don’t trust yourself it will affect your decisions, your courage, your confidence, your self-esteem.
  3. REDUCING STRESS is aided by doing those things you PUT OFF!  Even if you are not totally aware of the stress, it is there nagging at your peace of mind.

When ever you start to feel stressed or low about yourself, check to see if something needs an appointment or if there is something you’ve been PUTTING OFF.

Cheering You on to a Whole TRUSTING YOUR SELF Heart,