CHECK IN Week 44: I Like Your _____

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Checking in on Week 44‘s task of “I Like Your _____.”

This week’s task is to GIVE something to the next person who gives you a compliment…someone who says, “I like your _______.”

Here is the real challenge, give that person the actual thing they compliment you about.

Do this for just ONE, the NEXT, person who gives you a compliment about something you have on.

If someone compliments you on your scarf, give them your scarf.

(Of course, be reasonable.  I’m not sure you want to give someone your dress or pants unless you have another handy to put on.)

How is it going?

How do you feel about this task in general?

What feelings pop up just thinking about doing this task?

Does it have to do with actually giving something away, the interaction, the whole idea?

Are you wearing things that you know you could give up if someone complimented you on it?

How likely are you to do this task?

If this task seems hard to you, what would make it easier?

I sure wish we were in a room with a group of us to have a discussion about this.  I think it would be interesting.

My guess is that many of us have more than enough things, so giving something away wouldn’t be hard.

I’m also thinking that many of us have big hearts, so giving wouldn’t be an issue.

Maybe it would be how the other would respond to you giving them something right on the spot.  Or maybe there is concern over what you’d have to give away, especially if it  was a gift, had sentimental value, cost a good deal, or took you a long time to find.

This task is really more about self-awareness in regards to your possessions.

Do you feel attached to your items and find it difficult to let go?

That isn’t unusual.  We can get attached to things.  We can also get attached to people, the past, poor habits, unhelpful thought patterns, and the like.

An unusual phenomenon is, as you start to let go of possessions, you will be able to let go in other areas of your life as well.

A giving, less attached, more letting go heart is important in being a Lighter More Loving You.

Here is an interesting article by Leo Babauta, if you’d like to grow your awareness around you and your possessions:  How to Let Go of Any Possession

Cheering You on to a Whole Letting Go Heart,




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