CHECK IN for Week 40: Food Raiser

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Checking in on Week 40’s Task of Food Raiser.

This week you are to be RAISING your awareness of you and FOOD by following guidelines set forth in the last post.

How is it going? Are you noticing anything about you, eating, food?

Even if you did the guidelines for a few meals and not a whole week, you may have noticed something.

Maybe you became more AWARE of…

  • how fast you eat,
  • that small bites taste as good as big bites,
  • how often you eating standing up,
  • being and feeling more satisfied,
  • feeling fuller sooner,
  • enjoying what you ate,
  • actually eating,
  • the food you ate.

Maybe you even noticed thoughts you had while eating…about food, about eating.

Whether we are aware of it our not, we have a thought before we eat.  –Dr. Judith Beck

Maybe you became more aware of how your body felt after you ate (or drank) a certain food.

As you become more conscious of your food choices, you’ll discover a growing awareness of the connection between what you eat and how well you feel.  –Rebecca Katz, The Longevity Kitchen

To be lighter and more loving, one must be more CONSCIOUS, more AWARE.

Loving habits and choices are CONSCIOUS, whether it is with food or other areas of your life.

So many of us use food and our bodies un-lovingly.  Raising your awareness can start the process of change–to habits you love and to treating your body lovingly.

With practice, learning to view eating as an act of self-love, rather than a source of anxiety or harm, can transform your relationship with food.  –Brandt Passalacqua

Share with others in the comments what you became more aware of doing this task.

Cheering You on to a Whole Conscious Loving Heart,





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