CHECK IN for Week 39: Dread Locks

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Checking in on Week 39‘s task of Dread Locks.

The task was to list all the things you DREAD.

Things that LOCK you up in procrastination, avoidance, or a bad mood.

The list is of things you know you have to do and are necessary in your life, but cause you DREAD just to think about them.

How is that going?

Are you wondering the point of this task?

First, like anything you become more AWARE OF, as in recognizing and listing them, the power they have over you to LOCK you in procrastination, avoidance, a bad mood, or any other kind of DREAD, will decrease.

Second, is it time to do something about them?

If you look at your list, is there one or two you are ready to do something about?

You might want to ask yourself…

  • Is there an APP for that?
  • Would there be something, if I purchased it, that would make this easier?
  • Could someone else do it?
  • How could I make doing this task more delightful?
  • Is there some kind of limit or boundary I could set in regards to this task?

Is there an APP for that?

The younger generation, in some ways, if they are wise, will have streamed lined their life with APPS!  Us older folks may have to break out of old habits and take the time to learn and use an APP.  There is an APP for just about everything…from reminding you to get up and move every 20 minutes, to making grocery lists, to paying your bills.  (Tho I have yet to find one that will do the laundry or clean the toilet.)

Would there be something, if I purchased it, that would make this easier?

Maybe it would be an APP or a computer program; maybe a better mop or storage system; maybe a sprinkler system or a garage door opener; maybe a better appliance.  Something may have to go on your “wish list,” but is there anything that is on that list that you’ve been thinking about purchasing but have not, yet you know could instantly make that task easier?

Could someone else do it?

Delegating is one way to get rid of the dread!   Many of us won’t because we want things done our way or in the “correct” way (which is often our way!). Done is really better than perfect on most things.

Do you need to set aside time to teach someone in your family how to do a task? Could you pay someone else to do the dread? Things such as taxes, cleaning, or yard work?

How could I make doing this task more delightful?

One of my dreads, which no one else can do for me, is the yearly Doctor appointments. When I plan those, I also plan to do something after that I love, like going for coffee and reading a book, or lighting candles and taking a bath.

I turn on music to clean my house and cook, neither of which is a top favorite task.  What can you do to make a dreaded task fun, rewarding, more delight-filled?

Is there some kind of limit or boundary I could set  in regards to that task?

Maybe you limit the time you spend on the task, such as 15 minutes per week filing. Breaking down big tasks into smaller bites can help a lot.  And who says you have to clean your house all in one day?  Maybe one day you do the bathrooms and the next the floors.

Meal planning and cooking were dreadful until I limited the number of meals I planned each week, decided on one day to find the meals and make a grocery list, and another day to do the shopping.  It helped, also, to say I only wanted to cook things with 5 ingredients or less.  I’ve known people who make it a family activity to cook a weeks worth,and even a months worth,of meals in one day.

A Lighter More Loving You may take money, like hiring someone to do something or purchasing something that makes something easier.

Most often, however, it takes time. 

  • Time to think about the ways something might be more peaceful or simpler. 

  • Time to sit and plan.

  • Time to learn something new.

  • Time to put it into action.

Look at your list. Pick one or two of your DREADS. Take them through the above questions and see if there are ways you can simplify, have more peace, create more ease and UNLOCK these tasks.

Cheering You onto a Whole Unlocking the Dread Locks Heart,





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