CHECK IN for Week 37: Shop Lift


Checking in on Week 37′s Task of SHOP LIFT.

This week you were to buy NOTHING…not at a store or online…and to LIFT your awareness of how you SHOP.

If you are trying this, you might be right near the tail end of your “no-buy week”.

How is it going?

What are you noticing?

How is it feeling?

Have there been temptations, a “giving in”, or has it been fairly easy?

What I have learned from doing this exercise many times throughout the past several years, is…

  • I do have a tendency to impulse buy.  By waiting to purchase, I realize I didn’t need that thing I thought I wanted.  I’ve saved a lot of money this way.
  • By waiting to purchase, I had more time to think of what I really want and choose more wisely. This sometimes fell in the category of price, more my style, better quality, or functionality.  I have been satisfied with everything I have purchased after waiting.  Obviously, I’ve learned to WAIT much more often before purchasing.
  • Not spending made me a better steward of my money, meaning I directed in areas that were important to me, like travel instead of another plant for my garden or another pair of shoes.
  • I, in reality, have more money than I thought because I’m more conscious of where it is going.
  • I have way less stuff.  My house is easy to keep tidy and clean. This has given me more peace and more time, as I’m not stressing out over keeping up with so much stuff.


Before you purchase something, beyond food and basic necessities, you might want to put it through some criteria you make for yourself.

Purchasing items for your home, think about these kind of questions…

  • what do you want your HOME to be about? What is its function?  (gatherings, parties, solitude, restoration, etc.)
  • If you could pick 3-5 adjectives to describe how you’d like your home to be, what would they be?  (cozy, peaceful, colorful, light-hearted, welcoming, etc)
  • what is your style?  (elegant, country, artsy, farmhouse, cottage, classic, antique, rustic, whimsical, modern, urban, clean lines, eclectic, etc)

I do think about these things before I purchase anything for my home.  I also ask myself does it have a FUNCTION…a job, a purpose?   I’m very practical!   And, do I think it is BEAUTIFUL?  I love things to LOOK a certain way, so it has to meet the BEAUTIFUL TO ME question.

You can ask similar questions in regards to clothes…

  • what kind of clothes fit your FUNCTION(S)…play, exercise, work, hanging out, etc.
  • If you could pick 3-5 adjectives to describe the kind of wardrobe you’d like, what would they be?  (easy-care, comfy, classic, everything goes with everything, elegant, artsy, fewer pieces, etc.)
  • what is your clothing style?  (classic, boho, artsy, total comfort, trendy, elegant, etc.)

Again, I think about these things before I purchase clothes.  And, I make sure I absolutely love how it fits, love the fabric, and that it will go with several other things I have in my closet.

(If you are not sure of your STYLE or what you really want, try using PINTEREST.   It is a great place to save pictures of home goods and clothing that you like.  After awhile you will notice what is catching your eye.   This will help you pinpoint your style.)

Feel free to share what you learned from your SHOP LIFT week in the comments.  I’d love to know.

Cheering You on to a Whole Shop Lifted & Criteria Heart,







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