CHECK IN for Week 34: Be the Early Bird


Checking in on Week 34‘s task of BE THE EARLY BIRD… to get in your night clothes and be in bed before the sun sets.

What is the point of this in regards to a Lighter More Loving You?


  • more sleep,
  • relaxation time,
  • changing up a routine,
  • trying something new,
  • becoming more aware of our patterns/routines,
  • becoming more aware of nature and the cycle of the sun,
  • the luxury of getting in pajamas and bed before the norm of the sun setting or of a go-go-go life.

This is the smallest of tasks but can have a big impact because all of the above can have an impact on our ability to be…

  • calmer,
  • less stressed,
  • embrace change,
  • be open-minded,
  • respond instead of react,
  • be fun,
  • and take care of our self.

GIVING YOUR SELF PERMISSION to do this, or other “out of your norm” tasks, is a key point.

What might be OUT OF YOUR NORM?

  • speaking up more or speaking less,
  • saying YES or saying NO to something you don’t really want to do or have time for,
  • being scared when you are scared (or any other emotion one might try to hide or avoid/fight through),
  • being spontaneous or incorporating a plan,
  • leaving dirty dishes in the sink or not leaving dirty dishes in the sink,
  • and on and on.

It’s good to ALLOW our self to do something different, to be different….to be our SELF.

What did you learn from BEING AN EARLY BIRD?  Feel free to share in the comments.

Cheering You on to a Whole Permission to BE Out of the Norm Heart,















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