2018 Week 33: What’s Your Hub, Bub



Week 33’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is What’s Your Hub, Bub?

A wheel hub is responsible for the main support of the wheel…The entire wheel hub assembly is responsible for the smooth and quiet rotation of the wheel…Safety of a vehicle depends on the wheel hub…A  high quality wheel hub allows a vehicle to carry  loads, function in extreme weather conditions, and run smoothly on rough roads

(Taken from a geeky car website, though in plain English for us non-car people!)

I’m not asking you to do car maintainance this week.

As a life coach, one of the tools that is most often used is a LIFE WHEEL.  Typically they look like this:


There are lots of different versions.   If you are interested in how they work, go HERE.

I have a slightly different version.  It looks like this:


(If you’d like to print out a copy and do your own LIFE WHEEL and ACTIONS, go HERE.)

It’s hard to see but the HUB of the wheel says SPIRIT.  It is there in regards to your SPIRITUAL LIFE…right in the center of everything.

It doesn’t matter what spiritual path you are on as long as you are on one.

As a car site said, 

The wheel hub carries the whole weight of a vehicle and the ability of a vehicle to effectively carry loads depends on quality of its wheel hub.

I do believe that this is true for life!

What is your HUB? 

What are you doing in your spiritual life to keep you running smoothly, effectively carry loads, and cope with extreme conditions?

Is it an active part of your life…daily?

This week take a look at your HUB…your spiritual practices.

Feel free to share some of your practices in the comments.

Cheering You on to a Whole Healthy Hub Heart,




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