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Checking in on Week 31’s Task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You!

Task 31 was to pick a day this week to start something…to make a day this week your NEW YEAR.   

The idea is this…

  • NOW is always a good time to start something or to start again when it is something you intended to do or “fell off the wagon” from doing (like a New Year’s resolution/intention).

  • There is no need to trash talk your self for not doing or “falling off the wagon”, because everyday really is a new day.  

  • Guilt and shame are not great motivators.

  • New Year’s day is no different from today.

  • Seeing every day as a NEW DAY allows you to not wallow in the past, even the past of 8 hours ago, and provides hope and peace.

Many nights I journal about my day–what I’m grateful for, where I saw God working in my life, and a kind-hearted look at what I could have done better.  I am always grateful that, if I wake up, and so far so good, that tomorrow is a new day.  One where I get to live  again moving, often one infinitesimal step closer, to a better person.


Have a Happy New Year’s Day this week…and every day!

Cheering You on to a Whole New Every Morning Heart,




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