CHECK IN for Week 27: Browning Yourself

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Checking in for Week 27 of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

This week you are to Elizabeth Barrett BROWNING YOURSELF.

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To write down in your journal as many ways that you can, WHY YOU LOVE YOU.

How is that going?

Is it hard?


Can’t even seem to get yourself started?

Loving You seems to get a bad wrap. 

Lets look at a few things…

  1. Some think that if they LOVE themselves, they are being self-absorbed, self-indulgent, or narcissistic.   First, the people that are “self” oriented, DON’T LOVE or even LIKE THEMSELVES!  Most all of their behaviors are to boost their egos, to receive validation, and create a false sense of self love and worthiness.  These people are tiring and hard to be around.   Love yourself…you will be easier to live with!
  2.  It is OK to Love Yourself!   Besides God, you are the only one who will love you just as you are and at any given moment.  When you don’t love, there is a bigger chance you will DO more things or ACT in more ways in which you don’t like, thus creating a vicious circle of low esteem.
  3. So many of us are too hard on ourselves.  We compare, contrast, and compete with others.  You are you.  They are them.  You can only be you.  The best gift you can give to the world is to just be you!   As I’ve heard many times, stop trying to be an apple tree when you are a rose bush! Love who you are. Stop comparing. JUST BE YOU!
  4.  If you want more love, BE more LOVE...start with yourself and it will spread.  It is true that we can only give what we already possess and that includes loving our self which will translate to more love towards others.
  5. Loving your self does not mean you are perfect! I’m not even sure if there is a “perfect” here on earth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself in your imperfection.  For many of us, here lies the challenge–to love your self even while DISLIKING your shortcomings. When you love your self and accept your imperfections you can relate more to others and their imperfection.  You become more loving, accepting, and compassionate.
  6. Love and Like….what is the difference?   I have learned that I can always LOVE me even when I don’t ACT in ways I LIKE.  One can still love another even when one doesn’t LIKE what another is DOING…I often think of kids here! The LIKE and DISLIKE categories are behaviors or habits that can be worked on.  It is okay to still love you while things are being worked on!   Drop the LOVE and there will be more and more DISLIKES!  Keep the LOVE and the DISLIKES will improve quicker and with much more ease.

In no way is this an ego boosting exercise!  This is a relationship boosting exercise with your self!

A Lighter More Loving You depends greatly on what kind of relationship you have with YOU.

Cheering You on to a Whole Relationship Boosting Heart,





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