2018 Week 26: Bell Ringer


I hope you enjoyed your FIKA BREAK from Week 25 and are recharged for the second half of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You!

This week’s task, in honor of our FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE is to be a BELL RINGER!

One of my favorite memories growing up was the 4th of July picnics that included a large group of family friends.   My dad and several of the other fathers of these families (known as the “Jolly Boys”) would take a golf trip to the Carolina’s in the spring.  On their way home, they would purchase fireworks….which were legal there, but not in Pennsylvania where we lived.  On the 4th we’d have a giant picnic and shoot off the fireworks…often accompanied by a police visit!

It was always a mystery if the fireworks they purchased would actually work, do what it said it would do, be a total dud, or be totally spectacular.

A tradition was started that when one of the fireworks was totally spectacular, we’d ring cow bells. 

To this day, if I see a totally spectacular firework, I want to ring a bell!  Most of the time I just say to myself,

“It’s a Bell Ringer!”

This week, I don’t want you to bell ring fireworks, though feel free to do so!

I want you to notice things in your life that are totally spectacular and say to yourself…


Maybe it is…

  • something you made or created,
  • how green your yard is or how pretty some of your flowers are,
  • how you didn’t lose your cool when something unpleasant happened,
  • how the AC kept your house cool,
  • the person who gave you great service at a store,
  • the guy who let you in while driving,
  • how you didn’t say a nasty word to the guy who didn’t let you in while driving,
  • when you tried something new,
  • the sunrise or sunset you saw,
  • the hug from a friend,
  • how you let something go so you could play with your kids,
  • how clean you got your house,
  • how the dog followed a command.

I think you get the idea!

This is similar to writing down your treasures from Week 8,  except you don’t need to write them down, just notice them and say to yourself,

“That’s a Bell Ringer!!”

Cheering You on to a Whole Bell Ringing Heart,



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