2018 Week 22: Chocolate Pudding


Week 22’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!!

When I was growing up, canned chocolate pudding was one of the treats I would occasionally receive in my lunch box! I had a friend who would trade me one of her mints for a few scoops of my chocolate pudding….scooped out with her fingers, of course!!

Your task this week is to have lunch with a friend!

Lunch is better with friends.  —Peter Miller 

Having a meal with a friend, especially if it’s lunch, is another way to make “everyday a vacay.”  Denise O’Neal

When you gather around a table with your friends for lunch, it helps to establish a connection and strengthen the bond of your friendship. This is paramount for anyone who aims to maintain a sense of belonging and happiness. —Massage By Wil

Call a friend today and have lunch together. Go to a restaurant, invite them to your home, pack a lunch and meet at a park…and share your chocolate pudding!

Encouraging You to a Whole Chocolate Pudding Heart,





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