CHECK IN for Week 21: Please, Leave a Message

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Week 21‘s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to LEAVE A MESSAGE!

  • Take out 5 post it notes or scraps of paper. 

  • On each one write an encouraging word.  This could be your favorite quote, bible verse or something inspirational that has helped you on life’s journey.

  • Take those 5 MESSAGES and leave them places as you are out and about this week.

I hope you had fun with this task!  You never know who you might have encouraged, helped, or made their day.

I have a wonderful friend who every morning sends me her “check in” for the day.

It is short and sweet containing what she is grateful for, her plan for the day, and a short encouraging word, quote or scripture.

At the end she almost always says something like this….

“How may I be of service to others today?”

“How can I help another today?”

She learned long ago that to be of service, help, or encouragement to others is the best way for her to be lighter and more loving.

So many of us think so little of ourselves, we think we can’t be of help to others.

So many of us think too much about our self (as in being self-consciousness), we don’t think much about others.

Directing our energy towards another is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and depression, aiding us to be lighter and more loving.

No matter who you are you can be of service, help, and encouragement to another…even with the 5 messages!

Encouraging You on to a Whole Service-Full Heart,






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