Checking in on Week 16‘s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You.

Your task was to WRITE OUT your SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDIOUS (extraordinarily good and wonderful) DAY. It can be a past day or your dream day…or both!

Currently, signs that say,

“Today is a perfect day to have a perfect day!”

seem to be quite popular.   I see them everywhere!

Wondering if PERFECT DAY is the same as a SUPERCALI…etc. Day?  I think so!

One of the words in a thesaurus for PERFECT is AUTHENTIC!

What do you think of when you think of this word AUTHENTIC?

  • real
  • whole
  • true
  • trustworthy
  • pure
  • ?

In Week 16’s blog I said that writing out your SUPERCALI…etc. days will help find keys to a lighter, more loving you.

What may be discovered is that those best, perfect, awesome, wonderful days are when you are truly yourself, when you are AUTHENTIC, REAL, TRUE TO YOU.

This is living…

  • from what you value,
  • from what you are about,
  • from what you truly believe,
  • when you do what you say you will do,
  • when you trust yourself,
  • when you choose love over fear,
  • when your best self comes through.

This can be done while relaxing on the beach with your pina colada or when attending your best friend’s funeral.    SUPERCALI…ect. days aren’t always “happy”.  They can still be AUTHENTIC, PERFECT, EXTRAORDINARILY GOOD and WONDERFUL.

Review what you wrote in regards to your SUPERCALI…etc. day(s).  Can you see some of your values?  What is authentic, true and your “best self” coming through in that day(s)? Feel free to share in the comments!




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