2018 Week 15: Ask the ?

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Week 15’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION…

WHAT IS THE MOST LOVING thing I can do in this situation?

WHAT IS THE MOST LOVING choice for me?

Years ago someone asked me to question myself like this with every decision I made and for every situation I was in.   I was amazed at how many times I caught myself choosing or doing the “less loving thing”…especially for myself…from what I choose to eat to how I responded in hard situations.

How do you know if the choice is MOST LOVING for you?

Usually it is the AFTER FEELING from the choice.

How do you feel…

  • after you exercise
  • after you eat donuts
  • after you said nothing or way too much during a hard conversation;
  • after you share an idea
  • after you organize something
  • after you encounter a certain individual
  • after you watch hours of TV

This task is really twofold as becoming more mindful of AFTER FEELINGS will help with answering the question WHAT IS THE MOST LOVING CHOICE FOR YOU.

This week BECOME MINDFUL of the AFTER FEELING of your choices and ask yourself the question….WHAT IS THE MOST LOVING THING I CAN CHOOSE OR DO IN THIS SITUATION?

Cheering you on to a Whole CHOOSING LOVE Heart,






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