2018 Week 13: Reflect


Week 13’s Task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to REFLECT.

This simple and a bit unusual task is to REFLECT about how you want to REFLECT!

WHAT??!!!    🙂

This week pick a day and COVER ALL YOUR MIRRORS!

Before you go to bed on the eve of “no mirror day”, cover any mirror you typically use with a towel, sheet, or blanket.

For ONE DAY, do not use a mirror to fix your hair, apply makeup, examine your skin, see how your clothes fit, or criticize your reflection in any way!  

Believe it or not, this exercise can make you feel really good!

You can still do your hair and makeup…or not…just don’t use a mirror!

I’d love to give this exercise to you for a week, but if you go ONE DAY, I’ll be cheering loud for you!

For a week I stayed at a place where there were no mirrors. This was not on purpose!  At first I was quite anxious….worrying about my hair and all.

It made me realize how much I rely on a mirror to tell me “I’m Okay!”   UGH!

This really got my REFLECTIVE juices going.

What is this anxiety all about?

And I started thinking what is it I really want to REFLECT if I can’t see it from my outward garb of clothes, hair and makeup?

By the third day, I’d given up all makeup, wore what made me comfortable, and let my hair be!  I was happy to just be me…whatever that looked like!  I enjoyed it!

So this week, pick a day, cover those mirrors, and REFLECT!

Feel free to share below how this went!

Encouraging You to a Whole JUST YOU REFLECTED Heart,



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