CHECK IN for Week 12: JAR OF FUN

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Your task for this week of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to make a JAR OF FUN.

This could be for Family Fun, Date Night Fun, or Artist/Adventure Day Fun.  Have you done yours yet?

When my daughter was growing up, we had a FAMILY FUN JAR.

This FUN JAR was one of the best things we did as a family to make sure we…

  • had QUALITY family time,

  • built our relationships,

  • had fun,

  • make wonderful memories together,

  • and grow personally.

How did we grow personally?

Each of us in our family added activities to the jar. Only a certain number of those activities could cost money; i.e. if we each put 5 activities in the jar, only one could cost money to do.

Who’s ever activity got picked also decided on what the meal was for that night.

All the details of dinner and the activity were decided by the author of the activity (unless they needed a bit of help.)

The big thing was, there was a rule that we HAD TO DO whatever was decided for dinner and for the activity!  (All within safety and appropriateness.)

We all became better at:

  • being creative

  • planning

  • problem solving

  • knowing each others likes and needs,

  • and, most of all, BEING WILLING TO DO WHAT ANOTHER WANTED without complaining, swaying or manipulating things to our own liking.

There is a lot to gain from a Jar of Fun!

Encouraging you to a Whole WILLING Heart,






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