CHECK IN for Week 11: Do the Wave


Your task for Week 11 of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You was to do the WAVE…to wave at anyone and everyone, whether you knew them or not, while you were driving or out and about.

Have you had your wave day…or a few?  What is about this exercise that makes you a Lighter More Loving You?


Connections are one characteristic of people who have “long and happy lives.”  The quality and sense of security in those relations are the other two factors.


How often do we go about out days and see people, but not really SEE THEM!

I dare say I’ve walked, drove, and rushed by thousands of people with barely a notice.  I’ve sat next to people on a plane that I said no word to.  This is not hard for an introvert like myself.  The plane rides where I talked to my neighbor or consciously smiled at people as they passed to their seats, where definitely more fun and interesting.  WHY? Because I was in the moment, mindful, connecting, and acknowledging others.

It makes your heart feel great when you notice and acknowledge others.  You are present, engaged in the now, and connecting.

It makes others feel great too!

Feel free to share a WAVE Story or how someone acknowledging you made your day.

Keep Calm and Wave On to a Whole Heart,





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