2018 Week 11: Do the Wave


Week 11’s task for 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to do the WAVE!

Wave at everyone and anyone for a day…or more!  

People walking down the street. Those you pass in the car as your driving.

Not just people you know….EVERYONE!!!

Add a smile and make this extra special for you and your wave recipient. 

One of the things I loved about living in the western mountains of North Carolina was that people just waved at you as you drove or walked by….whether they knew you or not!

At first it was a bit odd as I kept wondering, “Who was that? Do I know them? Did I just accidentally snubbed somebody I should know by not waving back in time?”

Then I realized….they are just waving!  I loved it!

It was like being seen.  I was actually real….to someone! 

I had to decide what my WAVE was going to be.   An enthusiastic one?  A one finger raised off my steering wheel when I drove?  A nod and salute?   I ended up with the two finger, peace sign wave!

What is your wave going to be?

Have fun this week making people wonder AND brightening their day!

WAVING You On To a Whole “I See You” Heart,




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