2018 Week 10: Snoopy Moment

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Week 10 of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to have a Snoopy Moment!

Nothing reminds me of my childhood more than Snoopy!  I read every Peanuts comic, had a wide array of snoopy toys, and my “security blanket” was a large stuffed Snoopy.

This week you are to BE A KID AGAIN!  Have a SNOOPY MOMENT!

I have a Snoopy figurine where I see it every day to remind me to have KID MOMENTS.

To remember to:

  • play

  • have fun

  • laugh

  • be free of fear and go for adventures

  • be spontaneous

  • be creative and imaginative

  • believe anything is possible

  • let go of what others think

  • be trusting

  • be open

  • explore and learn

  • be excited over the smallest things

  • not be so serious 

  • hang out with friends

  • be accepting and non-judgie

What are some of the things you use to do?

This is your week to do something you use to love to do as a kid!

  • color, paint, or draw
  • write a story with a crayon and illustrate it
  • dress up
  • sing and/or dance
  • play Twister…play any game
  • make mud pies or build a snowman
  • have a snow ball, pillow, water gun, Nurf ball or marshmallow fight
  • skip down the hall at work
  • make your favorite meal as a kid
  • chew a gum ball or have a jaw breaker
  • eat ice cream for dinner
  • jump rope or go sledding
  • go roller or ice skating
  • go to the park and swing or slide
  • go look for crayfish or salamanders in stream
  • build a tent
  • read a book under the covers with a flashlight
  • play catch, shoot hoops, kick a ball
  • play flashlight tag or hide and seek
  • make funny faces as you drive by people
  • read a comic book or some children books
  • climb a tree or rock
  • have a sleep over
  • stand on your head, do a somersault, a cart-wheel, or a hand stand
  • play with a kid and just be a kid yourself….make truck noises, put 50 hair clips in your hair!

Hopefully that got your juices flowing!

Would love for you to share what you did!

Double-Dog-Daring you to a Whole Snoopy Moment Heart,




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