2018 Week Eight: Write Down Your Treasures

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Your task for Week Eight of a Lighter More Loving You is to Write Down Your Treasures!

I love to journal.  It hasn’t always been that way. I’d resolve to journal everyday and 2 weeks later, lots of blank pages!  I didn’t like the thought of writing down my crazy mind, especially with the fear of someone reading it.  BUT writing down MY TREASURES was one of the ways I became a regular journaler and sold on the therapeutic powers of writing.

What are “YOUR TREASURES”?  

Nothing you’ve not heard before.  YOUR TREASURES are what you are grateful for.

Search for signs of My Loving Presence as you journey along the path of life.  Look for the little pleasures I have strewn alongside your pathway–sometimes in surprising places–and thank Me for each one.  Your thankfulness will keep you close to Me and help you find Joy in your journey.  –Sarah Young, Jesus Always Devotional

PLEASURES in this quote turned to TREASURES for me:

Look for the little TREASURES strewn alongside your pathway…and give thanks for each one.

Each day I pen in my journal,  “Grateful for these Treasures on my Path…“.

Did you keep a Gratitude Journal in the past but the practice has fallen away?  Encouraging you to return to that practice!

Do you do this but only in prayer or silent, spoken words?

Have you thought about doing this but never got around to it?

Encouraging you to treat yourself to a fun shopping trip to find a journal that you absolutely love…and a new pen!

  • Write down 3-5 “treasures” each day.  If this is all the journal keeping you ever do, you will find it transformative.  

  • Try to write 3-5 DIFFERENT TREASURES each day.  Expand how you see things!

  • Keep your numbers running and see if you can get to a certain number by the end of the year…i.e. 500 Treasures.

  • Write down the things you might not see as TREASURES and find the lesson or piece of wisdom you gained from it. 


Rallying You to a Whole Treasure Seeking Heart,









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