2018 Week Seven: NIKE Day

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Week’s Seven step for 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to have a NIKE DAY!



That thing that you see over and over and say to yourself, “I really need to do that!”

That thing that bugs you every time you see it.

That thing that you know would probably take you less than 10 minutes but is still undone.

  • the dog nose print on the window
  • the dog paw print on the door
  • the button that has come off your shirt or sweater
  • the hole in your quilt (or something) that you’ve wanted to sew
  • the cobweb in the corner
  • the dust bunnies under your sofa/bed/table
  • the dust on your light fixture/ceiling fan
  • the light bulb that needs to be replaced
  • the pile of papers that need to be sorted
  • the pen jar that has pens that don’t work and could use a go through
  • the bag you made of donated things from week one that are still lying around
  • the trash can that is yucky and needs a wash out
  • the medicine cabinet that has gooey rings from medicine cabinet things

Can you relate?  Many of those things are my own “things I see that bug me”!

Just how long did I think it would take to bend down and get the Windex, stand up to grab a paper towel, and walk to the front door and swipe away that doggie nose print!!??   I must have thought it would take hours because its had been driving me nuts for a month…or more…and I did nothing about it!!!

I finally did my NIKE DAY and the nose print took less than 1 minute to clear away.  And while I had that paper towel and Windex, I cleaned away a dog paw print, swiped a couple more windows, cleaned around a door knob or two, and wiped some grimy finger prints from a couple of light switches.  I was done in less than 10 minutes!

I am no longer adding to my TO DO list and stress level when I walk out the door and see the nose print, paw print, grunge, and grime!

What small thing is adding to your STRESS and TO DO List?  This is your week to do it!   Pick a day.  Plan your 1 minute…or 10 minutes…and do that thing…or a few things!!

Have a Whole NIKE’D Heart Week,




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