2018 Week Six: Use the F** Bomb

imagesThis week’s task of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to use the F** Bomb!!



It’s not what you think.

The F** Bomb is FORGIVENESS!  The task this week is to LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT HOW TO FORGIVE and then FORGIVE!

If we really want to love we must LEARN HOW TO FORGIVE.  –Mother Theresa

The optimal words in the quote is LEARN HOW TO.  Forgiving does not come naturally to most of us.  And for those who it does, I’d dare say, they have been learning and practicing forgiveness for sometime.

Study any “spiritual” discipline, and FORGIVENESS is always in the doctrines of their practice.  No doubt, you all know that it is important.

I’m sure you know some of the benefits of forgiveness:

  • great peace
  • release of anger and resentments
  • happiness
  • a physical, emotional and mental lightness…even healing
  • freedom
  • a better future
  • better health
  • more compassion, mercy and grace
  • more love

The thing is, do you know how to forgive?

One of the best things I did in my spiritual walk was attend a class called FORGIVING FORWARD.  (Here is a link to the Forgiving Forward site  LINK  )

The process they taught for forgiveness was this:

  1. Thank God for forgiving you.
  2. Ask God, “Who do I need to forgive and for what?”
  3. Repent of your unforgiveness.
  4. Forgive each offense from your heart.
    • Lord, I choose to forgive _______ from my heart for _______.
    • Lord, is there anything else I need to forgive ______ for?
    • I declare ______ is no longer in my debt.
  5. Ask God to bless them and look for ways to bless them when possible.
  6. Commit to “not remembering” the offense.  When the memory comes…
    • Say, “I specifically remember forgiving that.”
    • Praise God for the freedom forgiveness brought you.
    • Bless the person you forgave again.
    • Pray for reconciliation.
  7. Make pre-forgiveness a lifestyle.

This was a Christian training, yet the outline is a great start for anyone wanting to Lighten Up.

It can be helpful to work through this with a trusted person.  I have found that journaling through this set of guidelines also works.

I’d like to say more about the steps here, but I’ll wait till the CHECK IN!

Encouraging you to a Whole Peaceful F** Bombed Heart,




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