CHECK IN for Week Four: Give Notice


Week Four of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You is to GIVE NOTICE to your thoughts…the not so wonderful ones that are critical or judgmental of your self or others.   How’s that going?

You are to just NOTICE them…not do anything with them other than say, “Oops, there it is”!

MINDFULNESS is a big buzz word these days.  I even notice there is a whole magazine now on mindfulness.

There is good reason why MINDFULNESS is so big!  It is incredibly helpful to you and your life.

Mindfulness, awareness, GIVING NOTICE of your self can be transformative, especially for your mind of thoughts.

What’s up with MINDFULNESS?

  • It helps you become an OBJECTIVE that does not judge, label or classify.   In mindfulness you are just acknowledging and being aware of things, and for this week, your not so pleasant thoughts.
  • It helps you see that YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS!  They are just thoughts. You have the choice not to believe everything you think. (Thank goodness, right?)
  • It helps you BE PRESENT.  Many times when we have the critical/judgmental thoughts of our self or others we are:
    1.  FIGHTING SOMETHING!  Sometimes it is with who we are and who we want to be.  We are fighting with what is NOW.  (ie.  if you are judgemental about your body size, are you wishing you were smaller (future); condemning your self for something you ate (past)?  Are you fighting who you are exactly at this moment?  No matter how you wish you were or what happened in the past, NOW, HERE, THIS VERY MOMENT of how and who you are, is where you start!  That is a good place!)
    2. FEARING SOMETHING!  Fear also stems from not being present.  Maybe I’ll fail again (past); maybe I will fail (future).  Right in this very moment, neither of those are true.  Right here, right now is the best…and only…place to start!

SPIRITUALLY, how does this make me a lighter more loving person?

In the bible, God is quite keen on wisdom! Proverbs is often known as the book of wisdom.  (Do a biblical word search of wisdom and read some of the scriptures.)

Words that often accompany WISDOM in the bible are INSIGHT and UNDERSTANDING.

Some of this “insight and understanding” are for us to have that towards, from, and with God.  Many, however, are talking about us as people having insight and understanding with ourselves and others.

Here are some words and phrases you’d find if you did a word study on INSIGHT and UNDERSTANDING:

  • apprehending the true nature of things
  • discernment
  • perception
  • awareness
  • knowing
  • sensitive
  • compassionate
  • kindness
  • realization

If you take the time to become more aware of your thoughts, you will be better able to choose a different path….in what you do and in your thought life.  This is wisdom. You will be more sensitive, more compassionate with you and others.  This is a more loving you.

Encouraging You to a Whole Wise Mindful Heart,




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