2018 Week Four: Give Notice


Week Four of 50 Weeks to a Light More Loving You: GIVE NOTICE

I’m not talking about giving notice to your boss or landlord.  Not even your dog, spouse, a bad habit, or sugar.

This week I want you TO NOTICE YOUR THOUGHTS.  Mainly to thoughts you don’t particularly like:

  • Criticism of your self or others
  • Judgments
  • The can’ts
  • The should’s
  • If only’s
  • The but’s

Those thoughts that stop you from doing something you want, that make you feel bad about yourself, that put down or size up another.

All those yucky thoughts (and we all have them) that are fearful, jealous-ful, comparative, harmful to your self-esteem.

This might not be the most pleasant activity; the thing is, all you have to do is GIVE NOTICE to them.

Not “giving notice” as in giving them the heave-ho.

Do absolutely nothing with those thoughts other than say to yourself, “Oops, there it is!”

DO NOT try to CHANGE the thought.

DO NOT try to STOP that thought.

Do your best not to say ANOTHER negative thing about your self because you had that thought, but if you do, just say, “Oops, there it is!”

You are just GIVING NOTICE to them:

  • acknowledging them,
  • giving attention to them,
  • being mindful of them,
  • taking note of them,
  • saying “I hear you.”

What’s the point of this?

When we become AWARE and then ACKNOWLEDGE these thoughts,

  • their power is reduced. They will have less of an effect on your life/mental state.   This is why it is important not to try to change or stop the thought at this point;
  • over time the frequency of them start to diminish;
  • they’ll give you knowledge into what you are needing from yourself;
  • you’ll gain understanding and compassion for yourself and others. We all have negative thoughts in some form or on some level.

Become the best observer, acknowledge-r, NOTICE-R this week!

Cheering you on to a Whole Noticed Heart,




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