CHECK IN for Week Three: Fill Your Heart


Checking in for your Week Three of a More Loving and Lighter You.

Have you filled your heart by doing something loving for your body yet?  You still have time to do it before Thursday….make that appointment for a facial or massage, cuddle up in your favorite pajamas with a good book and a cup of tea, go to be early.  What is it your body is yearning for?


For every way you take care of your body from now till Valentine’s Day, give yourself 50 points.   Send or post your score, and I’ll send you something fun!

I mean that!

One of my devotionals said:

We long to love and be loving…more than we long to be loved.

I had to read that several times as, if you are anything like me, I had the thought that I was often seeking to be loved (accepted, liked, enough).  It hit me hard because the above was more true…I really long to love and be loving.  When I’m not it hurts….it hurts inside me…my heart, my mind, how I feel about myself…and many times it hurts others.

One of the best ways to BE MORE LOVING is to BE LOVING to your self.  I’m not talking selfishness or egotiscal love.  I’m talking self-care, wellness care, loving-kiindness care to your self.

When we realize that what we really desire is to BE LOVING, instead of TO BE LOVED, the person who needs to love you more is you.

When you love you more, it carries over to everyone and everything else in your life.

The way you’ll know that this is true is to try it.

Be more loving to your body this week and take notice of how you feel.

Checking In on Filling Your Whole Heart with Some Body Love,





One thought on “CHECK IN for Week Three: Fill Your Heart

  1. I love this. I’ve noticed I am out of balance with self-care vs. care for Hubby et al. I’ll take this to heart, Barbara. Thank you!!!


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