CHECK IN for Week Three: Fill Your Heart


Checking in for your Week Three of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You:   Fill Your Heart.

Have you filled your heart by doing something loving for your body yet?

One of my devotionals said:

We long to love and be loving, more than we long to be loved.

I had to read that several times.

That is truth, though I do believe many of us spend much time seeking to be loved, liked, and accepted.

When you have NOT BEEN LOVING, what happens to you?

When I’m not loving, it hurts.  It hurts inside me–my heart, my mind, how I feel about myself.  It hurts others, which often leads to more pain in my heart and mind.

One of the best ways to BE MORE LOVING is to BE LOVING to yourself.

I’m not talking selfishness or egotistical love.

I’m talking self-care, wellness care, loving-kindness, compassion towards yourself.

The person who needs to love you more is you.

When you love you more, it carries over to everyone and everything else in your life.

Be more loving to your body this week and take notice of how you feel.

Encouraging You to a Whole Desire to Be Loving Heart,




1 thought on “CHECK IN for Week Three: Fill Your Heart

  1. I love this. I’ve noticed I am out of balance with self-care vs. care for Hubby et al. I’ll take this to heart, Barbara. Thank you!!!


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