CHECK IN for Week ONE:   Clean Out Something


Checking in on Week ONE of 50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You:  Clean Out Something

This week’s task is to clean out ONE thing…big or small.

A 5 minute task to a day task!

What is it about cleaning out something that makes you lighter and more loving?

How does this bring more of your “spiritual being into your human living”?

  • The more you do what you say, the more you build integrity.  The more integrity you have, the more you will trust yourself.  The more you trust yourself, the more respect and love you will have for yourself. Doing what you say you want to do, even if it is cleaning out your wallet, can begin a more loving relationship with you.
  • Your love for others will increase when you love yourself.  Doing what we say on small things seems simple, yet small things are easy to miss, skip, ignore.
  • Cleaning out or getting rid of things means less stuff and, thus, less stress and worry. With less stress and worries, love increases.

“The spirit likes to travel lite. The ego is a pack rat.”  –unknown

Why does the spirit travel lite?


It is trusting God, a higher power, the goodness that God is.

In regards to cleaning out, the spirit is trusting that if some day you absolutely need that thing,

  • you will be able to get it,
  • you will creatively figure out a way to do without it,
  • you will be given that thing again–most often better than the original.

Encouraging a Whole Trusting Heart Life,




1 thought on “CHECK IN for Week ONE:   Clean Out Something

  1. Hubby just asked (so politely) if he could help reduce the pile of papers/etc. in front of the TV. Yeah, Man!!! Whoo-hoooooo!!! Pile reduced to three managable groups that made much more sense!


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