2018 Week One: Clean Out Something


50 Weeks to a Lighter More Loving You

Week ONE:  Clean Out Something!

Clean out…

  • your wallet
  • your purse
  • your undies or socks
  • a drawer
  • a cabinet
  • a closet
  • your glove compartment
  • your car
  • your emails
  • dare I even say…your garage, attic, basement?

Clean out something this week.  Pick something you know you can do in 5 minutes, 30 minutes, a few hours, a day….just as long as it is complete in one week!

“The spirit likes to travel lite.  The ego is a pack rat.” –unknown

Our stuff, while it does not truly define who you are, is a reflection of us. If you described yourself in 3 words, or 3 words on how you’d like to be, such as peaceful, beautiful, confident, does your “stuff” reflect that?  Does your purse, drawer, car?

“Junk gets you stuck.”  –me

Old, un-liked, un-useful, worn out, expired things get you stuck in…

  • the past
  • your emotions
  • negative energy
  • bad habits

Toss, recycle, give away, and watch what starts to happen in other areas of your life.   The only way you’ll know this works is if you try it.

BE MINDFUL:  If you are having a hard time tossing or giving things away, just be aware of what your head is saying to yourself.   Is it true?  There are so many ways to get stuck in the clean out process.   Be kind to yourself, be brave, do it anyways.


I’d love to hear what you cleaned or tossed.

If you’ve been cleaning out and tossing for a while, share how it has transferred to other areas of your life.

Here’s to a Whole Lighten the Load Heart,




2 thoughts on “2018 Week One: Clean Out Something

  1. Thanks for the motivation to keep things simple, Barbara. This year I plan to work on eating more simply. Your post reminded me that there is no better time to start than right now!

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