The Walk Home

photo 2When I walk around the lake and take this last stretch to my house, I’m always blessed by the peace and simplicity of this section of road.  I also know that just yards away is my Haven…the place where I can be me, relax, dream, be creative, feel secure, and eat!!!  I wake pretty early and sit with God praying, reading, and journaling.  I do some form of exercise like walking or yoga, because if I don’t do it early in the day, it is likely I won’t do it at all.  And then I eat!  By the time I get to this part of the walk, I’m hungry!

photo 1This stretch of the road also reminds me of my true walk home.  At 50+, there is a dawning realization that I’m getting closer and closer to my real home—Heaven!  And just like my morning walk, I am excited about getting there but I want to walk this last stretch in such a way that pleases God.  I want to run the good race.  I want to live with eyes wide open to see the beauty around me.  I want to live and love with a heart wide open to God–to what He is doing and wants me to do.

photo 5While the walk around the lake is beautiful, it is not always easy.  I’ve stumbled over rocks, stepped in duck poo, tripped and fallen when not paying attention, chased off bees, been rained on, and been choked by the dust that is stirred up when the dirt road is dry.  Sometimes the traffic noise out does the peace. Sometimes I encounter people with smiles and dogs that are friendly.  Sometimes I meet grumpy people and dogs that don’t like my dog.   Sometimes I walk alone and sometimes with a friend.  None of these are unlike encounters on my walk to heaven.  Each day is different, yet I just keep going to this last stretch to my home, to my haven, to heaven.    And, here too, I am hungry!

Honestly, I wish that I could fill up and never be hungry…and yet it is an everyday need…food and God!  If your anything like me, if I go too long without eating, I’m grumpy, impatient, self focused, can’t think well, make bad choices, and fill myself with things that aren’t healthy.  I’m not just talking about food here!!

When we are feeding ourselves well and are full, we share and feed others.  This kind of walk is pleasing to God.

Over 7 years ago I went through a class that is similar to the ones I facilitate (WHOOP Classes). Since then so much has changed–especially in how, where, and with who I walk.

Another round of WHOOP (Whole Heartedly Opening Our Purpose) Classes is about to begin.  I love running and hosting these classes because they teach us how to fill up on God and to walk boldly, beautifully, and lovingly.  They teach ways to be fed and they feed you at the same time.

Take a walk to my home.  My haven is open and I’d love to feed you.

WHOOP Classes begin August 18th at 6PM at Barbara’s home in Cashiers, NC.

If you are far away and would like to participate, let me know. If there are 2-3 of you, a conference call class could be organized.

More info on WHOOP CLASSES.

cropped-011114_2043_selfcompass1.jpgEncouraging Your Whole Heartedness:

Would love to hear your heart on how you feed yourself with God.


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