WHO ARE YOU Part 1:  A Taste of WHOOP—Whole Heartedly Opening Our Purpose

Your problem is that you don’t know what your problem is.  You think your problem is your problem, but that’s not the problem at all. Your problem is not your problem, and that’s your main problem.

–Bill Gillham from Lifetime Guarantee

hands-making-a-heart-in-the-sunset_00450550-28812_650x250 (1)The HEART of Whole Heartedly is very important to living our purpose.  What is “heart” beyond the actual organ in our body that keeps us alive or what some might think of only as emotions?  This is a very deep and sometimes confusing question…and is often at the “heart” of our problem!

Out of curiosity, I looked up how many times the word “heart” appeared in the bible.  In the Old Testament (KJV) it is the 3rd most used word after God and Lord.   In the New Testament (KJV) it is the 13th after God, Jesus, Lord, Christ, Father, heaven, faith, love, grace, believe, brother and sin.  This is just the count of the single form of heart and not the plural, “hearts”.   Again, HEART is third in the most popular words in the OT after God and Lord!  It seems that God thinks HEART is a very important word for us to understand and know.

As I was searching the web for the above, I found this post, which is a nice compilation of biblical and other definitions of HEART.  If you read through that web post, you will find that HEART is basically WHO YOU ARE in your thinking (mind processes), decisions (will), and feelings (emotions).  Heart is who you are at your core, your essence, your being—the inner most center of who you are “being”.

The issue or problem (didn’t that quote above give you a chuckle?  It did me.) is that most of us don’t know WHO WE ARE or we try to figure out and define who we are from sources that are unreliable, changeable, untruthful, and, often, unloving.

I heard long ago that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  This rings with lots of truth.  Most of us will define who we are by outside, “human experience” influences.  We may define who we are by our roles, such as mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son, brother, sister, etc, or what we do, such as accountant, realtor, lawyer, artist, football player, baker, etc.  Those are all changeable and at any moment we could NOT BE one of those through divorce, death, being laid off, injury and so on.  When that occurs, the question often arises, and to our benefit, WHO AM I REALLY???   It’s to our benefit because it is in those moments we get to find our unchanging, truthful, reliable and loving selves in our spiritual “being”.

In addition, who you are can be influenced by what people say you are with words or how they treat you.  Some of these can be positive in our life and how we are being, and some cause such havoc in our perception of who we are that we end up with other problems that are just symptoms (think addictions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and so on) to the real problem–not knowing and believing WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Taleda-full-heart_500Life seems to be a process of coming to know, understand, and believing WHO YOU ARE–about knowing your HEART, about understanding your WHOLE HEART.  It is seeing, being mindful, becoming aware of when you are BEING from a place of humanness and then how to bring your spiritual being into that!   Most of us are taught how to be very good human “beings,” yet still living in some kind of lack, looking for ways to fill that (sometimes in very harmful ways) or feel stuck and joyless.  Delving into the WHOLE HEART of WHO WE ARE, which is combining who we are spiritually and bringing that into our human experience, is what can fill that space and bring you more life.

Am I as clear as that initial quote?  I wouldn’t be surprised if your head is spinning a little bit.   My intent with this post is   to get you going, to make you think, to start you to ponder about WHO YOU ARE—who you are being right now and what is influencing that; are you being who you are spiritually; do you know who you are as a spiritual being; are you aware of your spiritual “beingness” yet still joyless or catch only glimpses of fully living?   The next few weeks posts will be offering ways to be more mindful of who you are and how to bring more of your spiritual being into your human living.

A few quotes to ponder about WHO YOU ARE:

The strongest and key word in Deuteronomy is love.  Love is the most characteristic and comprehensive act of human “being”. We are most ourselves when we love; we are most the people of God when we love.  To love we need to realize our unique identity as the people of God who love.   -–from the introduction to The Message Bible

Learn to live in the True Self, who you are and always have been in God.  Who you are in God is who you forever are; in fact that is all you are and it is more than enough.  Everything else is passing away.  Reputations, titles and roles do not determine your identity. —Thomas Merton

You have a basic nature that is uniquely yours—learn to trust that nature and be free of other people’s opinions negative or positive.  What is your own nature if you have no outside forces telling you who or what you should be?  –Wayne Dyer

All great spirituality teaches about letting go of what you don’t need and who you are not.  –Richard Rohr

We long for the space where there is nothing to prove and nothing to protect; where I am who I am, in the mind and heart of God, and that is more than enough.   –Richard Rohr

cropped-011414_2007_selfcompass11.jpgEncouraging Your Whole Heartedness:

Tell me a little about your Heart in the comment section!  I’d love to know your answer in one or two words to the question posed above:  What is your own nature if you have no outside forces telling you who or what you should be?


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