In the Car with God…and the Whole Family!

In Bible study we are studying about surrending and relinquishing our self to God so He is in Control.  We used the metaphor of God driving the car.  I asked….Does God start the Car or do I start the Car???  Who starts the process of relinquishing… or Holy Spirit?
So I’m praying and contemplating and listening….
This morning God said….”I’m in the car, it is on….the door is open…would you like to get in???  And when you get in will you trust me and not scramble over the seat to grab the wheel?  I will drive where you need to go, THOUGH if you are ready to go down a certain path, I’m ready to take you…just give me the go!  There will be places we go and stop at that you don’t like…but I am here…I know this is where you need to go….this is what is on that road.  And other times I will take you places you so didn’t expect and joy will be so glorious you won’t know what hit you!  Are you ready?”
And then I had some fun visions that the Holy Spirit is the one in charge of the radio and what messages I am hearing….or not hearing, if I turn the station, tell Him to turn it off, or just start singing my own thing!! 
That Jesus is sitting in the back seat with me…ALWAYS…sometimes I make him sit far to the other door and tell him to “stop touching me”  (you know…he’s touching me, he’s touching me) and sometimes he lets me lay my head in his lap and rest. 
There was more, but the whole thing just came down to the JOURNEY of LIFE in the car with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit….like a big family vacation with the same stuff you might think would happen on a long journey with family….though I’m the one acting out and the other 3 are just loving me no matter what!   
Happy Back Seat Journeying,

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